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Slimy Sumo Salad

Posted Nov 16 2009 10:04pm
I'm about to get seriously nasty. 

I was alerted to the latest advertising campaign by food franchise Sumo Salad by Danni Watts who is an experienced fitness trainer and Project Officer at The Butterfly Foundation. Thanks Danni for bringing this to my attention and being the amazing sort of fitness professional who believes this sort of crap is just not ok.

While loathe to send you to the site, you have to see it to believe such trash would even exist. Has someone in that company completely lost their mind? Clearly they have, because this sort of advertising is disgusting, shaming, hateful and just downright offensive.

Let's take a closer look here.....

Firstly - how the hell the company is getting away with putting the words 'Surgeon General's Warning' in their ads I have no idea.  Last time I checked I thought warnings that came out of the Surgeon General's office were meant to be serious in nature and not involve mocking people for so-called 'cankles' and 'moobs.'

Next issue is the ridiculous accompanying 'Quit Guide' that is supposedly meant to inspire you to give up your fatty fat ways to eat only salad.  Sumo Salad of course.  It contains NO helpful or substantial information whatsoever, just gems like  "put the greasy chicken down"  and cankles are "predominantly (a) female urban condition where grease & nasties in fatty foods slide inside your body, building up to create swelling on your ankles...Sufferers describe it as capri-pant & strappy sandal sabotage."   Oh - delightful Sumo boys.  Just delightful.  Thanks for bringing to the general publics attention the dire importance of needing to have hot looking ankles in capri pants.

What is clearly at play here is that Sumo Salad executives loathe anyone that is not thin. They are trying to sell their food under the guise of caring about people's health, but really, who are they kidding? They are slagging off at anyone that does not fit their accepted aesthetic and the visuals in their ads clearly show they are more concerned with the way people look rather than their actual health. Wonder if they do a muffin top or cankle check when you apply for a job with them? The mind boggles.

Clearly, the slimy Sumo's believe that by displaying their fat hatred for people and promoting a society that revels in believing you are only healthy if you are thin (with not a fat ankle, love handle or man boob in sight), that you will buy their salad.

Ha! Hee! Ha Ha! Hee Hee! You must be kidding. I'll make my own damn salad or buy one straight from your competitor thanks stupid Sumo's. And if I want to wash it down with a chocolate milkshake that will go straight to my ankles I damn well will.

Post Script @ 1.55pm Tuesday November 16th

When I learned of this campaign late yesterday, little did I know in under 24 hours it would emerge to national status and involve television ads.  I have thought long and hard about posting these ads to Beautiful You, because, put plainly, they are vile.  Not really in keeping with my vibe here. 

I've decided however that if people such as myself don't speak against this sort of body hatred, then very little will change towards developing a world that appreciates people of all shapes and sizes.  For that to happen and people to hopefully join me, we need to know what we are up against.  So dear readers - here they are.  As if the website and visuals were not bad enough - these ads are now showing on national television.

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