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Slight Change of Plans

Posted Apr 14 2010 12:00am

Apparently I wasn’t the only one surprised Jillian does yoga!  But, like I said, it’s definitely not traditional yoga.  Which is probably why I enjoy it.  Slowly phasing my way into it… :)   And, just an fyi, she totally softened her look for the dvd.  Her hair is actually down in soft curls and everything.  And she smiles.  What is that? I guess she’s trying to appear like less of a hard ass?  It worked… and either way- I loved the workout.

Now on to the lunch of Polish food… There was a slight change of plans.  Jon had a meeting that ran later than expected and we had to reschedule for Thursday.  I KNOW- I’m just as disappointed as you.  Maybe even more because I had to hit the salad bar I’m not a fan of.  *Sigh* I guess that’s the life of a corporate superstar.  Ha ha.  Boooo…. But at least now I have something fun planned for Thursday, right?

However, plans with Mon were still set and put into motion. I made a quick dinner when I got home to fill me up before she picked me up: I made a spinach and mushroom egg souflee and threw it on an arnold thin.  Delicious egg sammy, anyone?  The spinach was from last week’s pizza still and definitely getting pretty limp.  Glad I was able to work it in last night.  Saving it for tonight would have been dicey. Have you ever pushed the limit on expiration dates and failed?  I did once with milk.  It wasn’t pretty… And I still swear by Trader Joe’s 21 Season Salute… it makes everything that much better.  Seriously- everything!

Anyhoo, Mon picked me up and we were off to Mario Tricoci to get beautified.  She was whisked away to her hair appointment right away and soon I found myself face to face with Elle.  I’ll call her the makeup master.  Because she doesn’t just do work.  She does magic.  Magic with very expensive things.  But magic nonetheless. Me before: AAAHHHH!  No makeup!!  AAAHHHH…. Shield the young children’s eyes!!!!

First thing’s first.  I did not buy the $150 bottle of vitamin C wonderfulness that she put on my face and I oogled over the entire time.  I’m aware since my fruit intake is pretty much nonexistent, my Vitamin C count is a little low.  Something to work on.  Another reason to explore multivitamins ?  Hmmm….

Her number one tip that she gave me was to always do your eye makeup first.  Otherwise, if you mess up the eyes, you’re also going back and messing up all the concealer/foundation/moisturizer work you did beforehand.  Makes sense.

I watched closely when she did my eyes.  Like I said, I’m no artist.  Basically, she said the darker the color, the smaller the brush you want to use.  And it’s all about the blending, girls… I’m also more of a lip gloss girl than a lipstick lady.  Lipstick is a little dramatic for me, but I liked the shade she picked. Ta-da!  Yeah, it’s pretty neutral and more of an everyday look.  From this pic, you may not be able to tell too much.  But up close, it looked ten times better than what I do to my face on a daily basis…   Thanks Elle!

And yes, I ended up purchasing something.  I was more interested in the skin care than the makeup.  So we discussed again what each thing did (out of all the cleansers, moisturizers, serums, and masks) and what would be “priority” purchases.  I decided it was best to not spend half my paycheck, but did pick up the gentle face wash she used.  It felt soooo fresh and is quite the step up from my Clean & Clear…  It was no surprise when she stressed the importance of balancing out the skin- and not completely stripping it of all moisture with the wrong kind of cleanser.  It was kind of a “duh” moment for me when she explained that if your face wash is too harsh, it strips your face of any essential oils- so then your body works even harder trying to replenish them (hence, creating more oil in a vicious, vicious cycle).

I’m glad that I’m learning Skin Care 101 at the age of 24.

Obviously, I couldn’t afford the whole skin care line at Mario’s (unless you kids want to throw some free samples my way- heeeeyyyyy!), but do any of you guys have stuff you swear by?

Also, I know it’s that time of year where it’s VERY important (I know it’s important year-round, but more so when I start spending way more time outside) to get some good spf.  Elle said that only 10% of wrinkles and other aging issues are genetic- and 90% are environmental.  Oh… so you mean I’m completely responsible for the little wrinkles forming at my eyes?  Great… Sorry for any hard feelings, mom.  Guess it’s not your fault afterall…

Mon swears by the foundation they have because they mix it to match your exact shade.  So she picked up a little somethin’ somethin’ after her haircut and fix. Elle was so much fun!  And Mon and I both felt super cute afterwards.  Where as we should, right?So we decided to get a little crazy and go downtown AH for drinks.  Ok, really I just had one vodka club, but we hung out for a little while just catching up with weekend recaps and such.  While sort of showing off our makeover looks.  :)

Oh and hot neighbor update- hot neighbor was at the door of the apartment building when Mon dropped me off.  He was letting his girlfriend in.  FAIL.  Another change of plans… On to the next one.

Happy Hump Day!

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