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Sleep Loss is a Weighty Issue.

Posted Feb 24 2011 12:00am

Thanks R Kamal  for a great question.
You know how certain things have a domino effect on all else in life?Like the rise in petrol prices,depletion of ozone layer or the revolution in Egypt? Certain things that seem to be small ,isolated aberrations in the beginning, have capacity to set off a wildfire of events which can assume crisis proportions.
In the context of your Health,not having regular sleep hours is one of them.
Of course strictly speaking, how well and how long you sleep maybe independent of the time you go to sleep for some.But in the real world sleeping late is a proxy for sleeping less because mornings place their own unflinching demands on most of us.To sleep late perchance means to sleep poor.Let me give my own example. For me not  tucking in  before 11 pm throws up a whole lot of issues. When I sleep late,I get up late next morning , miss exercise.Late nights also mean late dinners( usually eating out) .It  also makes me skip breakfast next day because I am  just not hungry enough before leaving for office.Its a crappy start to the day. If I sleep late and still whip myself out of bed by six -I keep feeling caffeine dependent,am too foggy to fit in exercise.When I don't exercise I tend to make poor food choices.My appetite starts thriving towards evening in this kind of routine. So sleep hygiene is a Big Deal in my book of healthy habits. But personal wisdom opinions apart,there is indeed a solid scientific basis to sleep quality,quantity and adiposity.To put it bluntly if you are fat ,getting restorative and uninterrupted sleep may be the biggest favour you can do to yourself. According to this article from Web MD and CBS News Health,lack of adequate sleep affects two hormones in the body called  Leptin and Ghrelin . Ghrelin is the feed me peptide or the hunger  hormone .It tells you to eat and keep eating .Leptin is the satiety hormone.Its  job is to suppress appetite so the brain knows when to stop eating. When we don't get enough quality sleep  ghrelin and leptin get f***d  up.Sleep deprived fellas have too much ghrelin which keeps their stomachs growling and their satiety signals are dysfunctional .Poor food choices,cravings ,binge eating here I come!!
British Medical Journal
For regular exercisers ,sleep loss also affects recovery because your muscle fibres build and repair at night.Poor sleep means half assed or no workouts.
So sleep less=Eat more,no workout= Adiposity 
For the Geeks here are some fascinating studies to lap up.For the rest Good Night.Sleep tight.

  • Reduced Leptin,Increased Ghrelin and increased BMI
  • Good sleep could be part of the obesity prevention approach. 
  • If You Weigh Too Much, Maybe You Should Try Sleeping More
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