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Sleep-less… Eat More?

Posted Mar 24 2011 6:52am

Yesterday I listed a bunch of healthy habits I’m focusing on while growing Baby D.  One I forgot to mention? Sleep. Sleep is so important.

which is why I’m missing it so much :(

I’ve always been a great sleeper-at least 8 hours of solid sleep a night.  And I love my sleep.  It totally makes or breaks a day for me.  But lately, sleep has sucked.  Not an eloquent way to put it, but I couldn’t care less right now.

Every night for the past week or so, as soon as 3:30am rolls around my eyes POP open.  Like clockwork.  Usually it’s to relieve my full bladder, which is fine.  But what is NOT fine, is that I can’t go back to sleep afterwards.  I lay (lie?) there with my eyes closed, sometimes drifting in and out of sleep again until 6:30am or 7:00am, but some days, like today, it’s inevitable.  I’m up for the day.

So I’ve been awake since 3:30am, and finally accepted it and got out of bed shortly after 4:00am.

Photo Mar 24, 6 33 49 AM

That’s early.  Even Koda didn’t budge when I left the room, which is rare.

I made myself breakfast…

Photo Mar 24, 6 34 03 AM  

and got to returning emails, reading blogs and other office tasks.  Now it’s almost 7:00am and I can tell I’m in for a long day.

I’ve read that one side effect of lack of sleep is eating more throughout the day.  I’m curious, so I’m going to constantly update today’s post with the food I’m eating throughout the day.  It’s a bit selfish, but I’d like to see if Baby D’s 3:30am wake up calls are leaving me to rely more heavily on food to fuel me throughout the day.

…now off to brew a cup of decaf coffee…


The best part about waking up super early? Second breakfast!

Photo Mar 24, 8 54 12 AM

Photo Mar 24, 8 54 28 AM

I just love how the chia seeds get gel-ly in yogurt.  To non-chia-eaters, this may sound gross, but it’s really neat!  Plus, you don’t have to chew them to get the omega-3s, unlike flax. See ya later :)


My first pregnancy exercise FAIL.

I wanted to get a walk in with Koda-bug and decided to try and get in 4 miles before I ate lunch and headed out to some meetings this afternoon.  So I suited up the pup and we were off.

PS- this is what I see when I look down…my lovely lady bump.

Photo Mar 24, 11 18 47 AM

Anyways… I was just over 1 mile in when I realized I had to go.  Ugh… I just went before I left the house! I decided to fight through it.  But I didn’t get much further before I realized, no, I needed to turn around because I had to GO.

I picked up my pace and headed home, but on the way back I began to get light headed. Uh-oh. I should have eaten.  My forehead broke out in a cold sweat and I was certain I was going to have to hitchhike the measly 3/4 mile back to the house.

No cars came… I kept fighting.

Finally- HOME.  I rushed in the door knowing I needed sugar in my system. STAT.

My hand shook as I sliced up a kiwi.

Photo Mar 24, 11 19 30 AM

I might have eaten all the slices in one giant bite.  Phew- that helped.

Now on to real food.  I raided the fridge and through together lunch.

Photo Mar 24, 11 19 47 AM

Refried beans, brown rice, a tomato and 1/2 an avocado…

…all mixed up with some salsa.

Photo Mar 24, 11 20 03 AM


A bottle of water and my Juice Plus gummies went down the hatch, too.

Photo Mar 24, 11 20 18 AM

Now, I’m starting to feel human again.  Lesson learned.


Busy afternoon with the biz, and go figure- I got hungry 1/2 way through :)   So I stopped for a snack (or a second lunch).

Photo Mar 24, 5 19 39 PM

I just got home and needed another snack.  I remembered the celery and Catalina I mentioned the other that and it sounded yummy!

Photo Mar 24, 5 18 38 PM

Then to top it off, I indulged in a chocolate truffle my neighbor had brought by.  She is a great baker and sweet maker… Sorry K-diz, no chocolate for you!

Photo Mar 24, 5 18 57 PM

Off to get to work on dinner… I’m so excited about it!


Prepare to wipe the drool off your screen.

For dinner I used Jessica’s brilliant idea of goat cheese stuffed crust.  And I’m so glad I did!

I made the dough, let it rise, put Hubbs to work on rolling it out, then got my hands messy stuffing the crust.

Photo Mar 24, 8 12 01 PM

We topped it off with a bit of marinara, sliced tomatoes, mushrooms, onions, broccoli and fresh herbed mozzarella.

Photo Mar 24, 8 12 21 PM

15 minutes and many, many giant sniffs of the delicious aroma later… dinner!

Photo Mar 24, 8 12 42 PM

We cut it into sixths and I had 2 slices.  Amazing.

Photo Mar 24, 8 12 57 PM

So delicious!

So my overall thoughts on the day? I don’t think I ate much more than usual by being sleep deprived.  Maybe the truffle was due to needing a pick me up, since I’m not really a sweets person… but maybe it was just because my neighbor makes delicious truffles :)

Good night!

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