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Sleep Disorders: Sleep problems and nightmares

Posted Dec 27 2010 10:53am 1 Comment

During a nightmare your body muscles which are under your control (except for eyeball muscles) such as legs, speech, arms, etc are paralyzed–ie you can’t run downstairs!! What she had was called a “night terror”–similar to what others do when sleep walking. The person is asleep, may occasionally wake up spontaneously, but until that time has no idea what is going on–night terrors are really most frightening for the observer vs the patient. To learn more about sleep issues pick up a copy of “Solve Your Child’s Sleep Problems”.

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I have been using Somulin for just about a month now. My issue was not falling asleep. I have tried many products and none could really keep me asleep. Somulin changed that for me. I am not waking up frequently during the night and I feel rested in the morning when I wake up.
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