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Sleep-Deprived Teens More Prone to Depression

Posted Jan 15 2010 8:57pm

Kids who fall asleep in class may not just be falling behind academically, they may also be suffering emotionally.  New research from Columbia University’s Medical Center recently published in the Journal Sleep found that teens who routinely hit the sack after midnight are 24% more likely to be depressed than those who turn in by 10pm. Furthermore, those who slept fewer than five hours had a 71% greater risk for depression than those who slept eight hours. 

According to research, teens average seven hours of sleep per night, two hours less than the recommended nine hours during adolescence. Between their numerous homework assignments,  before- and after- school sports and activities, and social networking rituals (i.e. texting late at night) it’s no wonder teens aren’t getting their zzzs.

Maybe it’s time that school administrators, teachers, coaches, parents and teens themselves put wellness before achievement. After all, teen depression is a precursor to teen suicide

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