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Sleep and Stretch For Stiff Muscles

Posted Oct 14 2008 5:00am
My friend was telling me that she was having a chest pain when she try to press her chain. I had this porblem before and my doctor said it was a muscke pain. I felt so physically stress before which probably causing the chest pain.

When I started to lose some weight and do regualr exercise focusing more on a lot of stretching, I felt a big difference on my energy level. I still felt some stiffness on my shoulder when I am neglecting to do my daily stretching and when I lack sleep. Everytime I felt fatigue especially on my legs even if I do my regualr stretching and exercise, I just take a longer sleep than the usual and drink a lot of water.

Our body tells us what it needs when we feel something that bothers us. It's our choice to do something about it or leave it that way to make us suffer. Stretching for about 10 to 15 minutes wont take so much of our time but it will lead us to a more energized for the whole day.
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