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Skinny Does Not = Healthy

Posted Feb 19 2010 12:00am

In response to Angela’s Size Healthy post this week, here are some thoughts of my own on the subject.

I am lucky enough to say that I have been a skinny girl all my life.  There were times when I weighed at the top spectrum of my height (according to BMI), but still I am a short girl with a small frame.  That being said, skinny girls can be unhealthy too, and skinny girls can get picked on as well.  I’ve experienced both.

Let’s compare OLD Morgan to NEW Morgan.

This is OLD Morgan.  The photo was taken on June 27th 2008.

She looks thin right?  (I don’t remember what size or weight I was then.  In fact I still own those jeans and wear them all the time.  I still own that top but it’s too big for me now.)  Here’s the thing though, that Morgan is NOT HEALTHY.  Not even a little bit.  She’s not eating right, she’s not exercising.  In fact thinking about the strength of her body makes her depressed.

Here is NEW Morgan.  This photo was taken on December 10th 2009.

Do those photos look that different to any of you?  Probably not.  If I had to guess at the weight difference between OLD Morgan and NEW Morgan – it’s probably 5ish pounds.

The biggest difference is how I FEEL now that I’m healthy.  So forget the photos, here’s the real comparison.

OLD Morgan:

  • I ate whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted.  That included lots of convenience foods that were packaged.
  • I never went to the gym (even though we lived at a condo with a gym and a pool)
  • I had an old injury that caused me excessive pain every single day.  The pain would sometimes wake me up in the middle of the night.  I even stopped calling it an injury and considered myself to have a disability due to all the things it restricted me from doing.
  • I was physically weak.  I couldn’t lift anything, my limit was probably 10lbs at the absolute most.
  • I always found myself congested, so I diagnosed myself with chronic sinusitis.
  • I had very poor digestion.
  • I was always hungry no matter what I ate because I was eating so many empty calories.
  • I had headaches all the time, sometimes every single day.

NEW Morgan  (let me refresh you with a favourite photo of mine)

  • I eat well portioned meals that consist of all food groups (no meat but I still get my proteins from other sources)  and very little processed ingredients.  Though I never restrict myself, healthy eating can still include treats!
  • I try to go to the gym on average twice a week.  I’ve even started running.
  • I still have that old injury, plus one more since then.  The thing is – working out makes them feel better.  When my body is stronger then I have much less pain.  I still do get pain often, and have to manage my workouts properly to not irritate the injuries.
  • I wake up feeling better, more fresh, more alert, with less food hangovers (although I do still get some from a popcorn overdose for example.)
  • I have no digestion problems, sinus problems, hardly any headaches.
  • I stay fuller longer, and honestly my food tastes way better than the crap I used to eat.

In celebration of Angela’s challenge, here are some new pants I bought this week.  I really do share her thoughts on health.  I really do believe that:


Do you think size matters?  Do you watch the scale or worry over your pant sizes?  What ways do you feel better now that you are healthy?

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