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Skin Care During the Monsoons

Posted Aug 25 2012 5:32am
It is rainy season, and some of us are eating pakoras and sipping hot tea and enjoying the romantic rains, as they bring respite from the hot humid conditions from the summer.

But rains also bring adverse health conditions like immersion of feet in contaminated water and humidity cause many skin problems and we get infections on our skin. Due to excess humidity we have body odour, dull complexion of wrinkling of the skin.

Skin Care During the Monsoons Due to rains we get fungal infections as we wear closed footwear , and we get itching on our feet, toe nails get discolored, and the remedy for this is to wear open footwear when we are out in rains, change in to dry socks when indoors, always wash your feet with soap and water, and apply antifungal ointment at night.

In monsoon we get dry red skin patches, and one must take proper medication from a dermatologist and avoid steroid treatments as they give urgent relief but relapse later.

During monsoons infections is caused due to mites and scabies and we get intense itching at night and we must take proper medication, and since it spreads by contact, isolate the person from others.

During monsoon, lice infestation occurs in women when damp hair is tied for too long, and one must use anti lice treatments.

The monsoon has its own advantages, everything becomes fresh and green, so we too can enjoy this wonderful season albeit with caution and proper care.

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