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Sinus Congestion remedies and symptoms

Posted Jan 03 2013 9:30am
What Is Sinus ?

Sinus are like a pockets found in every human being in their head skull. Sinuses are Found in the form of Paired and these paired are connected with nose. Used For Air Passing and Mucus Drained. Sinus actually 4 Types and all these paired connected with nose.

Sinus Types

Ethmoid sinuses
Frontal Sinuses
Maxillary Sinuses
Sphenoid Sinuses 

All These Sinuses are used for air passing and mucus drains.

Importance of Sinuses

Filter Air which we used for breathing
Remove unwanted air particles
Play role in our voice capabilities
Helping the skull for handling heaviness, sleeping and in tiring situations during sinus attack
Provide first line of attack against diseases

What is Sinus Congestion ?

Sinus congestion also called nasal congestion produce due to blockage in sinuses pairs. it may be all 4 pairs block are only one as any pair of sinuses block sinus congestion condition is start which is very uncomfortable for human.

Reasons Of Sinus Congestion

It is Due to Swelling of sinuses, Because of inflammation, because of obstruction in sinuses, because of secretion of mucus in nose, also because of cold environment, Because of foreign body particles, with tobacco and also with food allergic. these all are most common reasons for this nasal congestion.

Sinus Congestion Symptoms

every human being have four type of sinuses in their body skull on the upper side of face surrounding human nose so when ever one of these 4 pairs disturb congestion start. very pair have same symptoms of congestion if you feel pressure, pain or tenderness in the above of your eyebrows then it is due to frontal sinus congestion. if feel all above symptoms above your teeth then it due to Maxillary Sinuses. same symptoms for other two sinuses. also some other symptoms such as Strong Dry Coughing, Discharged of Yellow thick Fluid from nose also in the form of green, Short or bad breathing.

Remedies for this disease actually opening the passage of air passing which is block because many reason discuss above. There are lot of home and medical remedies. But Most people prefer home remedies that’s why we here discuss only about home remedies.Most easy and available home remedy is use of lot of spicy food. Spicy food is very common remedy which is used because of spicy eating bacteria and virus which are causing congestion are killed and air passing way is clear. an other very common remedy is used hot liquids such as hot tea and hot soups also soft the sinuses son decrease the swollen. Moister environment also very important thing to relieve nasal congestion because of the moister in nasal canal irritating situation is decrease and nasal tissues are soft so the swollen is decrease and air passing way is increased. Avoid Allergic Food. Food allergic is also very common phenomena if a person who have allergy from some food get closer to these food his sinuses are informed and as a reaction they produce some types of fluid which cause congestion.use oil of oregano it is also very easy treatment for nasal congestion use one or two drops of oregano oil in juice and drink it. using tree tea oil. saline spray.

Sinus Congestion Medical Remedies

Nasal Congestion Also treat with drugs very effectively in this way very first drug which used very commonly is  alpha adrenergic agonists. these medicine are constricting blood vessels of nasal cavity and relieve from congestion brand name of these medicine are phenylephrine and oxymetazoline.
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