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Single Serve Muffin [gf] + Booty Camp Fitness Review

Posted Jan 05 2012 7:07pm
Ever make an entire batch of cookies, or brownies, or bars, or muffins. And well...Accidentally eat the entire batch yourself? Not even in one sitting, but over the span of a few days? You see, I live a certain kind of life called "Single Living," where I have no one but myself to cook for. So it is pretty much inevitabe that the entire batch will be consume by yours truly. Unless...I take it upon myself to do something nice and knock on my neighbor's door and offer them a taste. *idea* Maybe I should deliver some to the people who live above me so they'll stop doing their Jillian Michael's dvd at 11PM. I am all for getting fit, but once the sun goes down...please refrain from jumping and or bouncing balls.

Haha. Okay I'll stop complaining now. But seriously, my apartment building has paper thin walls and I can pretty much hear anything and everything from my neighbors above, below, and across from me. hmph. 

Back to my point about eating an entire batch of cookie...Sometimes I just want one cookie instead of tempting myself with an entire batch of goodness. So...I decided to create a recipe for a single serve muffin! I went with a classic flavor, blueberry. I like to call this method of baking...prevention. 
At the last minute I decided to to jazz it up a bit and add some protein frosting. Prior to this baking sesh, I did an upper body strength training workout along with one of the dvd's from Booty Camp Fitness . AKA I could use the extra protein boost. More on my workout after the recipe.
Here is the muff pre frosting...

Single Serve Gluten Free Blueberry Muffin with Protein Frosting [Ingredients] Muffin -3T millet flower -1t ground flax seed meal -1/4t baking powder -2 stevia packets (or 1T sugar/honey or any other sweetener) -dribble of vanilla -pinch of salt -2T almond milk, sweetened (if you use unsweetened, you may need to add more stevia/sugar) -1/2T olive oil (or coconut oil, butter, earth balance, etc.) ~2T blueberries, frozen or fresh  Protein Frosting -1/2 scoop vanilla protein powder ~1/2C nonfat greek yogurt, plain or vanilla
[Method] 1. Preheat oven to 350 and spray a muffin tin with non stick cooking spray. *You can also line your muffin tin with a cupcake liner, but I couldn't find one in my parent's cabinet! The cooking spray worked just magically* 2. In a medium sized bowl, mix together all ingredients. You may need to add a splash more milk.  3. Then, pour batter into your muffin tin and bake for around 20 minutes.  4. While your muffin is cooling, mix together your protein frosting. Slap some on and garnish with chopped nuts. Enjoy :)

There was a lot of texture in this muffin. I could especially taste the flax. I am wondering if I should have used multiple different kinds of gf flour to get a smoother texture. I don't really know the "rule" for gluten free baking, but I do know that Bob's Red Mill's Gluten Free Baking Mix has a bunch of different flours in it. Next time, I am going to try and add a mashed banana for some extra sweetness :)

Moving on to my workout. As you know, Booty Camp Fitness sent me a collection of dvd's to test out. Click HERE to learn more about BCF. Today was the perfect day to try out "Ab-Salute! Core Vol. 2" I did an upper body workout and still had some oomph in me when I got home for some abs.

*This is not a complete review, considering I've only watched 1 out of 11 dvd's.* Anyways, here is a brief synopsis of what I received
Booty Camp Fitness Ultimate Home Edition 2 DVD

11 Disc workouts
- Ab-Salute! Core Vol 2. 20 min.
-Bounce n Burn 21 min.
-Dynamic Cardio Conditioning  35 min.
-Sun Set Sun Stretch 32 min.
-Booty Express 20 min.
-Burn that Booty 16 min.
-Major Metabolic Accelerator 55 min.
-Tank Top Toner 31 min.
-Recruit Camp 38 min.
-Basic Training 40 min.
-Special Ops 42 min.

-Booty Camp: It's more than just movement Lifestyle Guide
-Eating Right Made Simple healthy e-cookbook, containing over 100 nutritious and delicious recipes.
-Full 60-Day Recipe of the Daily Nutritional E-Guide
-Ultimate Home Edition 2 Workout Calendar Designed to keep you on track and deliver maximum results
-Booty Camp Jump Rope
-Booty Camp Forum given 25/7 online support
-Booty Camp Measuring Tape

Today I did the Ab-Salute! Core Vol 2. dvd. I really liked the length of this workout. 20 minutes is just enough time to rock my mid-section. I also really liked the frequency of the variations of ab exercises. Sometimes when I do a group fitness class or boot camp class, we get stuck doing the same exercise for too long and I get bored! I think it makes a big difference when you target all parts of the abdominal: lower abs, upper abs, and obliques. All three areas were definitely covered.

One thing that I wish the trainer would have done more of is COUNT! I like to know how long I am going to do something for or how many more I have left. Counting down helps me motivate myself to do more, because lets face can always do more! I think I am a little bit nit picky because of my Yoga Sculpt training. Anyways, I could definitely tell all of the trainers were enjoying themselves. Their tone was very "supportive." It wasn't like a BOOT-CAMP-IN-YOUR-FACE, DOWN AND GIVE ME 20 kind of motivation, though. Sometimes this is good and other's not. I think it depends what you, as the athlete is looking for. In my opinion, I like a little bit of both. I like to be pushed harder than I think I can push myself, but I also like a laid back trainer who makes me feel comfortable, which is exactly what I got from this dvd.

I am definitely excited to try out the rest of the collection :) I'll keep you updated.

Have you ever had issues with loud/rowdy neighbors?

Are you a gluten free baker? Do you have tips for me?!

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