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Simply Hemp

Posted Oct 24 2012 11:23pm

Recently I was approached by a brand new company called “ Simply Hemp ” about trying their raw hemp milk. I get approached by companies often, but I really only accept and review ones that seem interesting, healthy and pure enough for myself and my family! If you have been reading my blog for any amount of time you should know that. You also should know we are major cannabis lovers over here. The THC-free kind of course!

I put hemp seeds in just about everything. And while Ella is still nursing at naptime and bedtime, she supplements with hemp milk in her sippy cup during the day.

Well, I don’t think I’ve been more excited in a while to tell you about a new product than I am right now. I’m being serious– so listen up….


I will tell you about the amazing product in a minute, but what I love even more is the story behind this family owned company. Seth transformed his life by challenging himself to 60 days of raw veganism. He made a documentary about that transformation. Seth struggled to find a good non-dairy milk to supplement his diet with. He tried all of the non-dairy milks in the stores, even hemp, but was turned off by the additives and fillers. It took him months and months, but he finally got the perfect formula for hemp seed milk. I love his story, that they are just starting out and the fact that they are family owned. You know that there’s a lot of love going into this product!

I have to say, when I first received this package in the mail my first thought was “Why didn’t I think of this?” And my second was “Okay, no big deal I make my on hemp milk, seed milk and nut milk all of the time…what’s the difference?”

I soon ate..errr….drank my words when I tried this for the first time.

First off, this hemp milk has 25 grams of protein per packet! Each package makes about 4 cups of hemp milk. The ingredient list is simple and added junk! And they use my favorite hemp seeds…Nutiva.


All you do is shake and add this package to your blender with 3-4 cups of filtered water (depending on how creamy you want it):


Blend it up, pour it into a glass container and store it in the fridge (or drink it up right then and there!)

IMG_3024 copy

I’ve been meaning to mention on here how…by accident really…I haven’t used or purchased protein powder in about two months! I ran out, and after I was injured with less strength training and more yoga/cardio I just haven’t been using it. Once I noticed I then continued with trying to just get my protein from whole foods. Usually I felt I didn’t meet the amount my body needed with my activity level but it has been working for me lately! So when I made this up, and realized we had only three days to use it (it’s THAT pure!) I poured myself a glass with breakfast. This was the first time, maybe ever, that I drank a glass of “milk” alone without blending it in a protein smoothie or something:


Incredible. That’s all I can say. It is simply the most delicious non-dairy milk I have ever tasted. The hint of cinnamon gives it such a  nice flavor! I have added cinnamon to my homemade “milks” before but there was just something about this that made it unique. Maybe the fact that it’s just so fresh! It reminds me of my own homemade “milk” but with a little extra loving!

(side note: you could always blend up half the package with 1 1/2 cups of water if you don’t drink a lot at a time to preserve it!)

The real test was with a certain miniature person living in my house.

IMG_3106 copy

Sunday morning we set her up at her little Minnie Mouse breakfast table with her pumpkin muffins and some of the new hemp milk. Her first taste she made a funny face. From there I expected her to reject it. She’s so used to her usual hemp milk, and this was slightly different in taste so I didn’t know if she’d take to it. However, she kept coming back for more! She finished it all that morning!


sleepy Sunday morning with daddy


All in all…I really love this product. I soon will be trying it in a green smoothie and have no doubt it will take it to a new level! I hope you all get the chance to try Simply Hemp soon too!

Tip: If you “ Like” Simply Hemp on facebook they post offers on shipping and stuff!

In other news…was it really 75 degrees here today? After yoga class I was blasting my air while wearing a tank top. October 24th on the East Coast people. Last year at this time it was snowing ! Craziness.

photo-11 IMG_2724_2672-333x500

(looking back on this post makes me realize it hasn’t even been a year since my first heated power yoga class at SOL! And now I am becoming a RYT. Wow!)

Talk soon!


What’s your favorite non-dairy milk? Home made or store bought? Do you think you would try Simply Hemp?

PS- Speaking of Nutiva, you MUST see this documentary “Genetic Roulette” regarding GMO’s. If you know me  you know how I feel about that! It’s FREE until October 31st so take a look! Nutiva, along with a bunch of my other favorite companies are sponsoring the film.


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