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Simple Times, Simple Food, Simple Love

Posted Jun 24 2012 5:45pm

Today has been simply beautiful. Yesterday, my sweet, older sister would have been 25-years-old. It’s so crazy to think that I could have had an older sister. I can’t imagine being anything other than an only child, yet I always feel Katie with me. When I pray to her, I feel her presence wash over me. It sounds silly but it’s real – I know that she is there.


I began my day with Amanda Russell’s Tabata-Style Workout . I took it up a notch and, instead of taking a break after each tabata set, went straight through the workout. It took me just 16 minutes to complete and I was drenched! It was a great beginning to a busy Sunday!

After my workout, I ate my dearly beloved bowl of chocolate protein pudding oats and a glass of my Bombshell Spell from the Beach Babe edition of the Tone It Up plan . I really love that drink. During my grocery shopping trip yesterday, I found an incredible organic pineapple juice. It’s so fresh and tastes amazing in the Bombshell Spell!

Love Everywhere!

Matty came over bright and early to head to church with me and my parents. The 8:00 a.m. mass was being said in Katie’s name and, being the lovely boyfriend that he is, Matty came along. I captured the most beautiful moment of my mom hugging Matty, thanking him for coming with us.

I keep re-writing sentences over and over again, trying to articulate how much that small moment meant to me. Matty’s face is so genuine. Despite it being 25 years, losing a daughter never gets easier for my Mom. He held her close for a good while – he knew that she needed it – and it made my entire day.

The service was lovely and, afterwards, we went out to a local breakfast nook for a bite to eat. Since I’d already eaten breakfast, I decided to stick with coffee and some fresh fruit. This girl never turns down the opportunity for some fruit! 

We had a great time chit-chatting away about life! After breakfast, Matty headed off to work and I headed to the computer chair to work on my microbiology presentation. I can’t tell you how happy I am about today being the final day of micro torture! :-)


There was one food calling my name when it came time for lunch: tofu shirataki noodles! Before you scrunch your nose, you should give them a try. In my opinon, they’re superior to regular pasta because you’re not left with a “weighed down” feeling after eating it. I’m not a big pasta fan for that very reason.

I rinsed and drained the noodles and let them sit for 5 minutes. Meanwhile, in a non-stick pan, I sauteed one huge clove of garlic, three huge handfuls of kale, and three quartered cherry tomatoes on medium-high heat for five minutes. Next, I added the noodles and stirred in 2 Tbsp. nutritional yeast and a few fresh mint leaves from my mom’s garden. For an extra kick, I added some black pepper and about a teaspoon of spicy brown mustard. The final result was delicious!

About two hours later, I took a break from working on my presentation to walk around our neighboorhood. I’m always struck by how magical our little town is. It is hard to believe that I live near such a beautiful, hidden mini paradise! We live near a lake and I love to walk by all the houses whose backyards are filled with sparkling water and beautiful scenes.

Pretty unreal, huh? There were people out on their boats water skiing and I became a little nostalgic. I’d love to live on a lake! Sigh. Thirty minutes later, I was back to reality and typing away. That is – until dinner!


I owe a big thanks to Karena and Katrina for this delicious recipe!

I made their Quinoa-Stuffed Portabello Mushroom recipe from the Beach Babe plan and it did not disappoint! The original recipe calls for two kinds of bell peppers. I subbed asparagus for one of the peppers because I had an intense craving for the super green veggie. …Veggie nerd alert. ;-) On another note, I’m always amazed at how much one serving of quinoa fluffs up. 


Speaking of winner, tonight is the last night to enter the barre giveaway ! I’ll announce the winner tomorrow night. :-) Okay, I’m off to tweak my power point. Have a beautiful night, my friends!

Stay lovely,

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