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Simple tips for health at college

Posted Jul 17 2013 8:40am


Staying healthy at college is very important, sometimes studies can take up a lot of your time and living on a budget might get in the way of keeping healthy. You may find that you are eating quick ready meals for convenience and because they are cheap, spending hours not really moving when you are revising…which is all bad for for your health. Not only will having a bad diet and not exercising make you unhealthy but it can have a negative impact on your studies too such as decreased concentration levels and energy levels. Even if you don’t think you have enough time in the day to be active you will always find even in the most busiest of schedules that you can manage your time to allow for at least a couple minutes each day to do some exercise to help you keep healthy.. also healthy food contrary to popular belief doesn’t have to take that long to make and is affordable to eat too you just need to know what to buy.
In this article I will be highlighting a few tips that you can use to help you stay healthy at college. After all above everything else health and well being is more important than anything else. With better health and being more active you will feel less tired, you will be able to concentrate a lot more and be in a better mood too.

You can eat healthy on a budget, it ll about knowing whats what in the nutritional world.

By knowing what foods you should and shouldn’t eat you will be able to make informed decisions when you got to the supermarket saving you money and helping you stay healthy.

Are you eating your five a day? You maybe thinking that this is just a gimmick to get kids to eat enough fruit and vegetables but in fact eating enough fruit and vegetables is very important. Nutritionists do recommend AT-LEAST 5 fruit or vegetables a day along with a balanced diet. Fruit and vegetables contain a number of vitamins, antioxidants and minerals that help with a whole number of things in your body.
In fruit and vegetables these nutrients will help prevent a whole host of different diseases and illness helping to improve your immune system and protect you against certain types of cancers too. It can be a hassle buying fresh fruit and vegetables but it is really worth it and far better than taking supplements and pills. Studies have shown that taking supplements and pills to get your recommended daily dose of vitamins and minerals is just not as good as was first thought… this is due mainly to the fact that the nutritional benefits from fruit and vegetables are not because of just 1 type of of vitamins or mineral but the collection found in the fruit of vegetables all together because this mix of nutrients is working together synergistcally means that it is near impossible to get the precise nutrients in supplements or pill form properly that will work as good.

Dont eat white foods including white bread and white rice instead choose the healthy option of whole grain rice and brown bread, this is because all the nutrients from these white foods have been removed and the foods themselves bleached all that is really left is bad sugars in the food. Brown foods may not be to your taste as you may not be used to them at first but over time you will find that these foods will start tasting nicer as you get used to them so much so that the white foods will be the ones that you grow to dislike.
Healthy carbs and fiber will be slowly digested and instead of a sudden boost in energy and then a sudden downer as you loose all that energy in a spkie, healthy carbs and fiber rich foods will instead be slowly digested releasing their energy slowly into your body helping you feel fuller for much longer and will give you lasting energy right through the day too.

Another thing to keep in mind is that whole grains have a antioxidants and phytochemicals in them which help to prevent cancers and diabetes along with reducing the risk of heart disease too.

Some healthy good carb foods are: whole grains, fruits vegetables and beans… So if you find that you are really tired at the end of the day then maybe swapping your diet to include more of these foods will help you have more energy.
Energy to then exercise with… instead of getting home and relaxing on the sofa you could be proactive and instead, run, jog, walk or do something to get your heart active.

Not all fats are bad, its actually sugar that causes weight gain not fat. Sugar causes the release of insulin into your bloodstream and it is insulin that is the fat storage hormone that reduces your blood sugar level by storing it as fat.
You need healthy fats to which will help keep your brain, heart and tissues healthy. We have all heard of omega 3 which is a fat which helps improve concentration and brain power significantly.

Fat that you should be eating
Omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids are what are known as polyunsaturated fats which are commonly found in fish.
Monounsaturated fats found most commonly in plant oils including olive oil and also found in nuts and seeds.

fats you really shouldn’t be eating

saturated fats found mostly in meat and dairy products and trans fats commonly found in margarine, fried foods, ready meals and snacks should be avoided as these can increase blood pressure and can increase risk of heart disease and other diseases.

Protein made up of 20 amino acids is essential for cellular growth and repair without we would not be able to live. Having a rich diet of protein is essential. Protein is often found in meat but remember what I said about how saturated fats are often foun d in meats that is why you msut cook your meat and not fry it which would add even more fat to your meal. But meat isn’t just found in meat there are also loads of other healthy foods which you can eat to get protein from… including black beans, lentils, walnuts pecans and milk.

But make sure that you do not just concentrate on protein focus on having a balanced diet.. far too many people make protein the main part of the meal and neglect all other food groups.

Make sure that the protein you are eating is organic. Make sure that you are eating free ranged eggs and chicken that do not contain any antibiotics or growth hormones in them as this can effect your own health.

Calcium is something else you must have in your diet to ensure healthy bones and Nutritionists recommend that the average ADULT SHOULD CONSUME AROUND 100MG OF CALCIUM A DAY,

You can get calcium from milk, swap fizzy drink for milk! Fizzy drinks are particularly bad for because they contain a high amount of sugar some fizzy drinks will contain 10 teaspoons of sugar in them. Don’t be fooled by food labels as more often than not food manufacturers will often try to hide the sugar content by renaming sugar as something else including: brown rice syrup, evaporated cane juice, fruit juice concentrates, fructose, glucose and others…

less obvious foods to get calcium from are some vegetables such as turnip greens, green beans, squash, brussel sprouts, asparagus, lettuce and celery and some beans including baked beans, black beans and kidney beans too.

Too much salt.. The modern diet is full of too much salt which can cause a whole number of problems from heart disease to decreased bone density as your body uses up the mineral reserves in your bones to neutralize increase acid levels in your stomach caused by too much salt.

Try to avoid eating ready meals as these often contain far to much salt, do not add extra salt to meals to enhance taste,try not to eat salted snacks like nuts, chips and crisps.

A good thing to try is to slowly reduce the amount of salt you have on meals to slowly adjust you taste towards lower salted foods.


Drink plenty of water as water help detox your body of all the bad and waste products it helps also improve concentration and brain power too, most people don’t drink enough water and are dehydrated is this you?

Knowing how much you should eat is equally important to little food and you will have little energy and will effect your concentration and mood levels which you may need at college.
As you can see Knowing the nutritional basics is easy and affordable too so why not give it ago its a sure fire way to stay healthy, active, increase concentration levels and increasing your mood for college.

Some people can give up on a healthy diet because they simply think that it is too much hard work when really it isn’t at all. What you should try to do is think your diet as a way of life not a strict rule book. Instead of concentrating on calorie intake and portions sizes it it best to instead think about whether what you are eating is fresh, balanced, and healthy.There are really loads of quick and easy recipes that you can make in under 10 minutes like stir fry using a wide variety of food we mentioned that is quick and easy to make but most importantly it is healthy and tastes great, this is just one of the examples of how a healthy meal doesn’t have to be boring and taste like cardboard.
You don’t have to drastically change your diet overnight what you can do is slo9wly adjust your diet how you seem fit this way there is a better chance that you will stick too it.


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