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Simple Portion Bowls

Posted Jan 11 2013 9:25am

Hi! I’m Kelly, the author of the healthy living and weight loss blog, No SugarSweet Life .  My first ever guest post was for Lee almost a year ago, and now she’s invited me back!  She has been an inspiration to me from day one, and I am so thankful for her encouragement, support, and of course her multitude of quinoa recipes J   

I struggled with weight my entire adult life.  I "dieted" year after year and yet kept gaining weight. But, my daughter's birth was the wake-up call I needed. How could I teach her to live a happy, healthy life if I wasn’t living it myself?

Just a few small changes made all the difference. They were:
· Cutting out sugar.
· Adding veggie juices.
· Eating smaller portions. Studies show that just an extra 100 calories a day leads to a 10 pound weight gain per year!

I've lost 55 pounds, with just a few more to go – 

While on my journey, I developed the Simple Portion bowls.  I wanted something beautiful to motivate and carry me through to "healthy."


Simple Portion bowls are unique, stylish, and a smart way to be more health-savvy and in control. The large bowl has an artistic pattern that shows where the bowl is filled to 1/2 cup and 1 cup. The small bowl measures 1/4 cup. Use the large bowl for cereal, rice, pasta, veggies, yogurt, etc... Use the small bowl for more calorie-dense foods like granola, almonds, dried fruit, etc... 

It's that simple.

There are some dieting "tools" on the market right now, but a lot of them are either complicated or ugly, or worse...both. (Oh Dieter, you are hereby banished from the kitchen and forced to eat out of this ugly bowl until you drop a few pounds...Ugh, no thank you!)  My idea is to combine a really beautiful bowl (tilted shape with modern designs) with a helpful measurement line for common foods.

To me, less is more and beauty is just as important as function. You (and I) deserve the best! You don't have to measure EVERYTHING, just the stuff that pasta and rice and granola an heavier foods that we often overeat.


I am taking preorders on Kickstarter b/c the ordering minimums are huge. Thousands upon thousands have to be ordered to make the cost manageable for both me and you! I hope you will partner with me on this great journey towards a happy, healthy life. 2013 can be YOUR year...the year you decide to do something GREAT for yourself! And remember, all it took was small changes: smaller portions, more veggie juices, and less sugar. 
Hello from Lee! I just wanted to tell you how PROUD I am of Kelly. I met Kelly at BLEND in May (very briefly), but we have been friends ever since. She is such an inspiration for making her dreams come alive. There is something to say about a great idea, but another to say about the execution. Kelly has done it. She's put the effort in to make a wonderful product, and now she needs US. Every donation counts. I know I'm going to donate and you should too :)
Happy Friday Fit Foodies 

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