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Simple Pleasures Negate Stress

Posted Jun 29 2009 5:13pm
Sometimes you just have to stop and smell the roses, literally. Taking in all the beauty that surrounds us every day can lift your spirits with ease. Look at the mountains, the water, the sky, the flowers, birds and butterflies. By opening your senses and your mind to the wonder of the world you can negate any stress in your life, if only momentarily.

Stress, as we all know, can not only affect your health, but your mental capacity to be your best self. Stress can impede your forward movement in life and injure your physical well-being. There are many modes of lessening the effects of stress.

Try some or all of the following 50 ideas/tactics often  - to help thwart stress in your life.

  1. Engage in leisure activity with family and friends.
  2. Play with your pets or get a pet.
  3. Meditate.
  4. Focus on the beauty that surrounds us in nature.
  5. Smell a gardenia bloom.
  6. Gaze at the sky, full of clouds or stars.
  7. Take a bubble bath.
  8. Get a massage.
  9. Be thankful every day.
  10. Implement small acts of kindness.
  11. Plant some flowers or a small garden.
  12. Laugh.
  13. Keep a journal.
  14. Be grateful.
  15. Keep a scrapbook of happy images.
  16. Make a Dream scrapbook of goals and achievements for your life. (Yet to be accomplished)
  17. Listen to beautiful music.
  18. Practice being optimistic.
  19. Read a great book.
  20. Choose to feel your best.
  21. Let go of the past.
  22. Forgive others and yourself.
  23. Eat your favorite foods.
  24. Keep an open mind in debating with others.
  25. Stretch.
  26. Sleep well.
  27. Imagine all the possibilities for your life. (Believe them to be true already)
  28. Get your groove your way to happiness!
  29. Get some sun...studies show it really works.
  30. Tune out the negative news stories.
  31. Watch the sunrise.
  32. Eat chocolate.
  33. Make a wish on a star.
  34. Believe in the greater good of mankind.
  35. Dream big.
  36. Get a pedicure.
  37. Send a card to someone for no special occasion.
  38. Spray your bed linens with Lavender Linen Spray before turning in.
  39. Go to the Zoo.
  40. Buy yourself a fresh flower arrangement for your kitchen.
  41. Light candles.
  42. Give to charity.
  43. Clean out your closets and junk drawers. (It really does make you feel great to be organized)
  44. Get a small bottle of “kid’s bubbles” and keep it in your car. (Next time you’re stuck in traffic blow bubbles out your window; you’ll feel so ridiculous it will make you laugh and make others laugh too.)
  45. Start practicing yoga.
  46. Drink in moderation.
  47. Smile.
  48. Enjoy the present moment.
  49. Breathe deeply.
  50. Wear rose colored sunglasses.
Remember my slogan:  
Live Well.  Live on Purpose.  Live Your Dreams.
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