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Simple 40-Calorie Vanilla Almond Milk Freeze

Posted Aug 26 2011 6:00am

Amazing that the summer is at an end, right?!  Doesn’t it feel like summer just started?  My oldest just started 1st grade yesterday… ugh! 

Those days don’t seem that long ago…  I can still remember playing red rover on the playground when I was his age.

Back to reality… It’s a good thing it’s still hot (atleast it is here in Simi Valley) because I have a perfect low-calorie summertime treat for you–not that I focus too much on calories but I don’t like eating too many calories in my diet from sugar and fat laden desserts. 

It’s also vegan, gluten-free, no-added-sugar, non-dairy… the perfect storm =)  Pretty much everyone can eat this unless you’re allergic to almonds… and that would be a bummer of an allergy to have!!



40 Calorie Vanilla Almond Milk Freeze (no added sugar)

1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk
Stevia to taste (I used NuNaturals vanilla stevia, 7 drops)


This is really easy to make.  In a shallow container mix the almond milk and stevia.  Put it into the freezer.

When it’s frozen, break it into chunks, and put the chunks into a blender or food processor.

I used the tamper that came with my Vitamix to keep pushing the ice chunks down into the blade.  Don’t use anything to push the mixture into the blades that didn’t come with your blender (i.e. spoon, spatula)–I wouldn’t want you to ruin your blender over this!

Such a refreshing treat.  I wouldn’t call the texture creamy–it’s more of an icy texture–but who cares, it’s 40 calories!


Sometimes I’ll make a double batch of this, eat some of it frozen and let the other half of it melt into “icy” almond milk.

Delicious and refreshing!

So enjoy–and raise your glass if you are wrong,
in all the right ways…



Do you remember the games you played on your elementary school playground?  The games that stand out most in my mind: red rover, tag, and “leaf” house.  To play “leaf” house we would take the fallen leaves from the trees and make a big house by forming the leaves into “square-shaped” rooms and leaving openings for the doors (like a “leaf” blueprint).  Did you ever do that?

Have a fabulous weekend!

♥ Lisa

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