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Signs that Im getting Old

Posted Jun 16 2010 5:45am

Before I even get started on this post, I have to share something funny with you guys. Last night the boyfriend and I went to my parents house, while I did some blog reading, he worked on the crossword in the paper. When he got stuck, like usual, he passed the crossword on to my mom to finish. She started laughing and says to me “heres the difference between a woman and a man”. You guys ready for it?

It was a 3 letter word for a type of dance, and it ended in “A-P”. I immediately said “tap”, as did my mom. What would you guys have said?

Want to know what he had written? Lap.

Thats right, the first type of dance my boyfriend thought of was lap dance. Should I be worried?

So, moving on, I’ve been saying for a long time that Im turning into an old lady, the sad thing is that no one argues it. Kim did a post not too long ago about how she is turning into an old woman, and yesterday I was reminded multiple times that its happening to me too.

First off, I have been having long conversations with just about everyone regarding the weather. Im more than happy to converse about the days weather, and compare it to last year.

Speaking of which, since the weather is finally getting warmer around here, I got to finally try out my new running shorts.

Yes, I did just post a picture of my butt. The purpose of that was to show you the pocket. Do you see it? The green zipper?

First of all, I love these shorts. They didnt bunch, and they are super comfy. However, I havent run in shorts for years and years. Its always been capris. Which brings me to my second sign that Im getting old. I felt very inappropriate, like I was running in my underwear. Maybe thats partly because the material is so thin. Or maybe Im just turning into a total prude.

Either way, I eventually got over it. I do have a complaint about the pocket though. As you can see from the picture, its in the back, which really is no big deal for a regular person. But I run with my dog, and the pocket holds doggie bags. I looked like a total fool lifting up my shirt and digging bags out of my butt. If that wasnt bad enough, when I put the extra bags back into my pocket, I missed and actually shoved it into my shorts. There I was, running down the street with a doggie bag falling out from inside my shorts. Awesome.

Other signs that Im getting old?

-I no longer buy underwear just because its cute. The more it covers the better. I like having my butt contained by big giant boy shorts.

-My purse weighs five pounds. If I ever lost it, my life would be over. I can no longer get away with carrying a cute little purse that just holds my keys and debit card. Its all about function now.

-Just about everything tastes too sweet. I no longer add sugar/sweetener to my coffee, and Im actually starting to prefer dark chocolate to anything else.

-I enjoy hanging out with my parents.

-When teenagers are nearby, I silently tell them to grow up and stop acting so childish.

-Its a good day if I can get to bed by 9:30 – its an even better day if its Friday night and Im in bed by 10:00

-When my friends go out and party all night I shake my head and wonder when theyre going to grow up.

-I never get ID’d at the liquor store anymore :(

-I regularly forget what I was going to say mid sentence.

-The kids I used to babysit are now graduating high school – and the babies I used to babysit are in grades 4 and 8. When did that happen?

What about you, do you do things that make you say “wow Im old”.

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