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Sickness Ugg And A Kettlebell

Posted Feb 15 2011 12:42am

Friday morning I woke up feeling a little ass like and by Friday afternoon it was full on ass. For the next 5 days I was sick as hell. Something about getting older and having a fever just knocks you out. When I was younger and would run a fever, I could still run around and get stuff done. It's not like that anymore.

And NOTHING healthy tastes good. I tried. Oatmeal went in the trash, eggs went in the trash.

I stuck with the D's...Dunkin sticks, Doritos and (mc)Donald's hot chocolate.

I am not even kidding.

Today the fever is gone and I am back at work, but while I'm feeling more human, I still have this horrible cold and cough thing going on, so not 100%.

Even though I was sick as hell on Saturday I still made Chris drive me to go get my Kettlebell.

The thing is, when your financially strapped like me, any "extra" money(which means money I don't normally have) has to be spent quickly before the universe realizes you have it, or it gets wasted on stuff like groceries or gas or kids...and then you have absolutely nothing to show for it.

I ended up getting the 35lb kettlebell after test swinging them in the store. The 25lb I could tell was going to be too light real quick, but the 45lb one I couldn't swing with one hand. So 35 it was and there was only one left so I snatched it up. What I didn't like about it was that it had a blue foam(ish) coating on it, but it was either buy that one or spend $35.00 extra having one shipped...uh, no thanks.

Well, I have since found out that with a little slice here and a little slice there, the blue coating comes right off reveiling a nice, smooth, metal surface just itching for a makeover...I have big plans.

But my good fortune doesn't end there.

I got my dress money back from China! ALL OF IT! I was so NOT expecting that at all. I fought with those people for days!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was the biggest pain in the ass ever, but wow, ended up being totally worth it.

So, even though I ended up having to buy a different dress, that was done and over with last month so this $185.00 refund  is "extra" money to me and I will not let the universe have it!

I have been in love with my daughters Uggs(that I got her for Christmas) since the day they came in the mail. I have snuck and wore hers a few times, but now that she has realized how awesome they are she NEVER TAKES THEM OFF. She also got a pair of the Ugg sweater clogg/slippers (that I have also been sneakily wearing).

I accidentally left the clogg/slippers downstairs one day and she flipped her little lid. She does NOT like her mother wearing her stuff so I got a stern talking to and have been banned.

Needless to say, with that refund in my Paypal account this mother ordered her own pair of Uggs as soon as I got to work this morning. Not only did I get the boots, I chose the Ultimates so I wouldn't be falling on my ass...oh my goodness, the regular ones have absolutely no traction on snow at all...But,



I also got these...

I bet I can totally swing my ketttlebell in those.

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