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Shredded Brussels Sprouts Salad & A Few Things

Posted Dec 03 2012 9:00pm

Good evening! You know, I’d be perfectly happy if Monday just didn’t exist but I do have to say, it forces me get back into a schedule. Plus, if there was no Monday, Tuesday would be the new Monday and we’d all be complaining about Tuesday. Plus, last Monday night I made these awesome macaroni and cheese cups , and tonight I made blue cheese coleslaw .

Just dropping some wisdom on this Monday night :)

We didn’t do much over the weekend, other than get a Christmas tree and attempt to choose a new kitchen color. You see, my kitchen is a bright, deep red (as you may have noticed in photos):

photo (4)

I love my kitchen, but the deep red just isn’t me. I’m much more of an Earth-toned person and while red can fit in with Earth tones, these walls are very red. So to make our very brown living room flow better into the very red-and-black kitchen, we’re thinking burnt orange. We’re down to these three choices and while it’s obviously hard to see via photo, they are all actually pretty different.

photo (2)

I won’t tell you just yet which one we’re leaning towards, but I’m really excited for the facelift!

Come to think about it, this weekend was actually pretty huge. I used my new Kitchenaid Mixer for the first time (received from my mom at my bridal shower !) for the Food Blogger’s Cookie Swap (post to come!), received a few awesome items in the mail (see below), and upgraded my camera to a DSLR (more soon!).

Since I have posts planned for the mixer and the camera, I’ll move on to the packages I received this weekend.


OXO was kind enough to send these awesome measuring beakers ! These are an awesome alternative to measuring spoons because not only do they measure teaspoons and tablespoons, but ounces as well! I love them, and I’m sure you’ll see them in an upcoming post.


I also received a package from Nielsen-Massey. They name might not ring a bell unless you’re an avid baker, but I’m sure you’ve seen their products.


Nielsen-Massey is the king of extracts and flavorings. They sent their pure Madagascar vanilla , almond, peppermint, and chocolate (!). Check out this conversion chart for chocolate extract:

1 Tbs. Chocolate Extract = 1 Tbs. Unsweetened Cocoa Powder
1 Tbs. Chocolate Extract + 1 tsp. Sugar = ½ oz. Semi-sweet Chocolate.

I was stumped about how to use chocolate extract at first, but now the ideas are flowing (chili, anyone?!). I have many more cookies planned for this holiday season, so you’ll be seeing these little bottles again!


Oh, and check out this awesome invention:


Why yes, those are caps with pour spouts that fit onto mason jars! reCAP Mason Jars makes these BPA-free, recyclable plastic caps to fit both regular and wide-mouth jars. Originally made with salad dressing in mind, you can store anything you need to pour (pancake mix!). They’re tight, too! I tested with pomegranate juice :)


I’ll be featuring them in a future giveaway, so stay tuned!

Last but not least, I’ve been really trying to make my lunch ahead of time and bring healthy salad bowls and a mix of leftovers instead of frozen, processed, less-than-stellar meals. Today was a salad for the ages.


  • Shaved brussels sprouts (used the shaving disc in my food processor for the first time – genius!)
  • Pickled red onion (quick pickled in lime juice with salt)
  • Asiago cheese
  • Almond slices
  • Pomegranate seeds (!)

I had brought dressing with me – a simple mix of olive oil, golden balsamic vinegar, a squirt of brown mustard and a few drips of maple syrup – but didn’t need it! The onion and pomegranate gave the dry salad some juice, and it was enough for me. I may use that dressing on the leftovers tomorrow, though!


Yes, I took these photos on my desk at work. It was so pretty, I had to. Luckily, no one noticed!

So, any suggestions on kitchen color? Anyone actually have a burnt orange kitchen? Would love to see it! And if no suggestions, tell me why you would or wouldn’t eat the above salad (the correct answer is: you would!).

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