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Should Men Get Manicures and Pedicures?

Posted Oct 17 2008 9:14pm 5 Comments

by Brett Blumenthal

Never will I forget the day when I was getting my weekly ’mani and pedi’ in a Manhattan nail salon, when two big, burly, tough-looking construction workers entered the salon to do the very same thing.  Without a thought, they headed straight for the two open pedicure stations next to me, ripped off their stinky construction boots, sat down in the chairs and plopped their feet into the bubbling hot water.  These two men were obviously regulars, as they addressed the nail technicians by first name and ‘knew the drill’ so to speak.  Over the next hour or so, they looked completely at ease, enjoying the treatments…they were naturals.

Just this past week, history repeated itself.   I was in the nail salon getting a manicure and I witnessed two policemen getting manicures.  Apparently, they too were regulars, as the nail technicians who were working on their nails knew them by name and were chatting with them as if they were the best of friends. 

I’m not saying that I never thought men should get manicures or pedicures, but it was the fact that THESE men were getting them; AND were comfortable enough to do so together.  With one fell swoop, they debunked the stereotype that only gay or metro-sexual men indulge in this luxurious experience.  Now don’t get me wrong, these aren’t my stereotypes.  These are stereotypes that a lot of men have (including my husband…whom I love dearly).  This prompted me to give men (and the women who love them) a good list of reasons to get manicures and pedicures:

  1. Sexy Factor: Let’s face it, when a man takes pride in the way they look, it is sexy.  Granted, being obsessed about one’s looks is NOT attractive, but taking pride in one’s appearance says he cares just enough.
  2. It Feels Good: Although the actual manicures and pedicures feel good on their own, most come with a mini-massage component which makes them feel that much more wonderful. 
  3. Stress Release:  Taking an hour or so to get a manicure and pedicure can give a man some down time to relax and take his mind off some of the pressing issues he has to deal with.  This is good for a healthy heart!
  4. Healthy Feet and Hands: During pedicures, dead skin is exfoliated away, helping to diminish calluses and potential dead skin build-up that can lead to bigger problems down the line.  During both manicures and pedicures, the cuticles are cleaned up, which eliminates painful and unsightly hang nails.
  5. It Looks Good: If a man is tough on his hands and feet (construction workers are a great example of this), they can end up looking a bit worn and unattractive.  Getting regular manicures and pedicures will help keep hands and feet looking their best at all times.
  6. A Softer Touch: This one really benefits women.  Getting manicures and pedicures promotes softer skin on the hands and feet, which makes his touch that much sweeter.

So, if you are a woman who is dieing to get her man into the nail salon, tell the story of the construction workers and police officers.  If you are a man who has always turned your nose up at the idea, think again.  There are a lot of ‘manly men’ out there who seem to think it is manly enough.  Do you have any other reasons that you think men should indulge?

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My wife was teasing me with her nail polish after I told her that I liked the color she was doing her toenails with.  She put some on one fo my toes and then remarked that it would look better if they were all done.  I didn't care for it but went along for the entertainment value.  It didn't look too bad so I just kept it on for a few days.  it gre on me and I began to actually like it - enough that I wore it until it began chipping a few weeks later and that bugged my wife so she did them again for me.  Now I wear them painted most of the time, depending on my wife's mood. 

My first pedicure experience was at a beauty school open house.  They were offering them for $15, so my wife and I gave it a try.  It felt a little strange, but very relaxing and we both enjoyed it.

About six weeks later, my wife commented on how rough my feet were looking, and she suggested we go get pedicures that weekend.  I was thinking of being in a nail salon with a bunch of women and told her that I was not too excited about it.  But she said she knew of a place where they catered to men, so it should not be a big deal for me.

We went there on Saturday morning and I was surprised to see two other guys in there getting their hands and feet worked on.  My wife and I were invited to sit next to each other by the nail tech and she and another gal began the pedicure process on us.  It felt good - even better than at the school and they soaked our feet, smoothed out the rough callouses and moisturized our skin too.  Then, they trimmed and smoothed our nails so they looked almost like they had clear polish on them.  The nail tech then left to go get some clean towels.  My wife then leaned over and with a smile asked me what color polish I was going to get on my feet.  I knew she was kidding, so I played along and told her that I thought a dark blue might look good.   She agreed that would be a great color and went back to reading her magazine.

When the nail tech returned, my wife told her that we would like a dark blue polish.  I looked at her thinking she was crazy, but she just slyly smiled and told me to relac and that it would be fine.  I was about ready to get up, but before I could, the girl set one of my feet on a towel and began applying blue polish to my toenails.  I was too embarrassed to move, so I just watched, wondering how I was going to get out of there without anyone seeing my toes painted like that.

When the nail techs were done with our feet, they stepped back and said to each other that they thought were made a cute couple with our matching toes.  And to even heighten my embarrassment, they called a couple other nail techs over to see our feet too.  I was about ready to crawl under the chair, but then a couple other customers next to us started complimenting us on our feet and said they liked how we looked together.  I guess the positive reactions did something to me because I remember feeling less anxious and embarrassed and began to relax a little.

My wife tipped the two gals who worked on us and we headed outside.  A girl who was entering the salon as we walked out looked down and saw our feet, smiled and just said "cool".   That is about how the rest of the afternoon went too.  Most people didn't even notice, but of the ones who did, only one older woman gave us a frown.  The rest of them said they thought our toes looked "cute", "nice", "fun" and "way cool".  One woman even asked where we had them done because she was going to try to get her husband to go with her and get polish too!

Well, I was sure surprised that day, and later my wife admitted that she was too.  She told me that she did not know why she told the nail tech to paint our toes, just that she thought it would be fun to try, never quite thinking it through.  From that spontaneous inspiration though, I learned that you just never know what will happen when you try something new and different.  And now my mind is a little more open to what might happen in the future! 

I guess I am sold on pedicures for men - now anyway.  I was one of those stereotypical guys who would not set 'foot' in a nail salon, even to wait for my wife!  But, a few years ago I was having trouble with foot odor and a few ingrown toenails, and to make matters worse, I was getting into running longer distances, and that was causing some issues with my toenails as well.

My wife suggested several times that I go see a doctor about the foot issues, and so I finally did.  She (the doctor) told me a number of things I could do, but the least expensive and involved was to pay more attnetion to foot care she suggested that I go get a professional pedicure every two weeks until the issues subsided. 

So I chose this 'remedy' and I have got to say that even though it took close to two and a half months to fix the problems, I actually enjoyed it very much!  I have not stopped getting pedicures, but just cut back to once a month now.  And I have actually tried having my toes polished too.  The nail technician suggested I try it to cover up some discoloration caused by the running.  I like more opaque colors and my favorite is a deep green metallic that the salon I visit stocks (I think) just for me!

Hey, I'm a guy and I can certainly attest to the benefits of a good pedicure!  Thanks to my persistent wife, I experienced my first pedicure about three years ago.  I was not enthusiastic about sitting in a room with a bunch of women with their hair up and stuff like that, so she arranged to have a friend (who was a nail tech at the local salon) do this after hours.

Well, it was an awesome experience!  It was very relaxing and my feet ended up feeling better for days - even weeks - afterwards.  The pedicure really helped correct some ingrown toenails I was suffering from, and she even smoothed down my ugly callouses so they were not rough and dry anymore.  And, she taught me how to take better care of my feet, things I can do at home.

On subsequent visits, I learned a few more tips and my feet were now feeling better than they had in years.  IOnce again, due to my wife's suggestion, I even recently tried the polish.  I guess it's something new that more guys are getting into.  Anyway, it makes my feet look a lot better than just plain and I have begun to really like it.

I am no longer shy about wearing sandals in public anymore.  In fact, I have had many compliment on how my feet look, from people who apparently have seen many gross male feet in their day!

 I am now glad I tried this.  I encourage guys to get past the belief that it's only for women.  Men can have feet that feel great and look good too! 

I had to drag my husband in for a pedicure a while back because his feet were just plain gross!  He now enjoys them as much as I do.  His feet feel much better under the covers too...
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