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Should I Eat Before Or After Exercise? | Ask The Fitness Nerd

Posted Jan 24 2009 4:30pm

Is it Best to Eat Before or After Exercise? Making Sense of Pre -Workout and Post-Workout Nutrition.

Dear Fitness Nerd, Picture of Fit Woman Eating Apple Before Exercise

When should I eat? Before or after I exercise? In particular, if I’m going to wake up and workout in the morning, do I eat breakfast before or after I workout? Jen — Detroit, MI

Timing of meals, especially before or after exercise is one of those things that’s part science, and part personal preference. Let’s tackle the science first, and then deal with some of the personal things you need to consider.

Understanding Pre-Workout and Post-Workout Nutrition

Pre and post-workout nutrition is critical, because it allows the body to have the necessary energy to exercise effectively, as well as the right macro-nutrients and energy after exercise to help with recovery.

As a rule of thumb, you want to try to fill your tank up both before and after working out. How much you need to eat and what you should eat before exercise will have a lot to do with:

  • The time of day
  • When you last ate
  • How your body responds to pre-workout food.



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