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Shopping, Shopping, Shopping

Posted Oct 18 2010 5:31am

Good Morning! Another Monday . . . cant say Im happy about that. Im a little terrified to find out how many mice were caught over the weekend. I wonder if the cleaning people would have cleaned them up . . . I dont think its in their job description.

Anyhow . . . lets not think about that. Lets talk about my weekend shall we? I pretty much spent it all shopping.

On Saturday I spent 3 hours grocery shopping. How that happened I will never know, but I came home with the most ridiculously large butternut squash that I’ve ever seen.

Yah . . . am I the only one that thinks its a little on the “inappropriate” side? :)

Its ok . . . it wont look dirty once its cooked.

Now, you would think with a crazy squash like that in the house,  I’d be eating it for dinner right? Wrong. I saw  the fajitas Nicole made  on Friday and knew I had to have them.

Instead of chicken I used black beans, and topped them with some tomato, homemade quacamole, greek yogurt, and of course, cheese.

So good! The fajita seasoning was amazing, and I was super proud that I made it all by myself.

On Sunday, I dragged the boyfriend to the outlets to do some shopping. I have a really hard time parting with my money (unless I’m buying groceries), so clothes shopping isnt something I enjoy. But when my pants fell down twice on Saturday (once while walking the dog, and once at home) it was pretty clear that I didnt have much choice.

I was actually far more successful than I expected, and came home with a good amount of stuff.

I got 2 pairs of jeans.

The pair on the right are skinny jeans. I never thought I would own a pair of skinny jeans, I only tried them on because the salesgirl made me.

The salesgirl also made me try on the pink cardigan. I liked it way more than I thought I would.

I also got some random tops to wear underneath the stuff I already have. Again, the flowered one, I never would have bought on my own. On the hanger I hated it, but like most everything else, the salesgirl made me try it, and it looked really good. Who woulda thought?

Yah . . . Lexie wouldnt get out of the way for this picture. Just pretend she’s not there. :)

Pretty much everything I bought was on sale. The jeans were buy one get one half off, the tops were something like that too, and the cardigans were both 30% off.

Now I just need to buy new shoes. :)

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