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Shin Splintz

Posted May 06 2011 8:51am

The past few days, weeks ive been experiencing major shin splints. To be honest im kinda worried. Its very hard to run at your best potential with sharp shins. Ive been doing my daily runs, but also cross training. I dont really know what im doing wrong, could I possibly be running to fast for a normal training day?

Anyways, Ive been doing good. Pittsburgh Half Marathons next week, i’m almost done with school, and i’m finally getting into a good rythem.


2009 was my first “big race”. This picture was from the 2009 Pittsburgh Marathon. Its so hard to believe this was two years ago!  Lots have changed from the day this picture was photographed. I became much more into running, I became stronger mentally, and physically. This was the race that I officially caught the running bug. Its cool remembering the race that you caught the running bug, thinking the reasons why you became so facinated, and inspired with it.

Starting May, my blog will be two years old!  How exciting is that! Once I start something I find it hard to quit, however i’ve had downtime but doesnt any blogger? I want to end this post on a mental note: You are what you think. Think about that! If you believe your tired, you usually end up tired, but if you counter this thinking it can greatly benifit you. I dont feel like going on a run because im tired, slow it down and think it as an easy run to recover from the past week!

Happy Cinco De Mayo! 1 day late

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