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Shiatsu Massage Therapy Evolves in Shiatsu Massage Chairs

Posted Aug 28 2008 12:15am 1 Comment
by Steve Esquire

Shiatsu massage has been performed to ease and relieve aches and pains throughout the body. Traditionally, shiatsu massage has been performed by skilled therapists. Robotic massage chairs are now available that replicate the shiatsu massage technique. These shiatsu massage chairs deliver full body acupressure and shiatsu massages. Some advanced models scan the body for to accurately locate acupressure points and customize the massage to the individual.

The shiatsu massage technique employs rhythmic, gradual pressure with the finger (Shi) and gentle, firm pressure (atsu) to specific points in the body which together is finger pressure. This 5,000 year old technique evolved from traditional Asian medicine. Finger pressure massage applies pressure to specific points in the body to help regulate the flow of energy in the body. The rhythmic finger movements include tapping, kneading and gripping which increases the energy flow and restores balance. Shiatsu also applies pressure to specific points in the body. Shiatsu helps in restoring balance and well being. Shiatsu can be performed gently or invigorating to bring deep relaxation and a tranquil natural balance.

The evolution of technology has seen advances in mechanical systems designed to perform shiatsu techniques incorporated into massage chairs. Since the beginning of time shiatsu massage has been performed by humans in traditional medicine. The mechanical systems integrated into current shiatsu massage chairs realistically imitate hand and finger movements. Amazingly, the integration of electronics and software controls make theses mechanical fingers do many functions. Human contact has many subtle movements which are difficult to copy, but machines on the otherhand do not get tired.

The mechanical systems in massage chairs imitate the movement of the thumbs, hand and fingers of a masseuse. These massages include rubbing, kneading, percussion and vibration. Gentle pressure is applied to the acupressure points to induce relaxation and tranquility throughout the body. The shiatsu therapy can range from gentle or firm and use low or high pressure depending on the needs of the individual.

Find aids and reliefs to many ailments and symptoms with a shiatsu massage chairs. They have a wide variety of massages to relieve many conditions, ailments and symptoms. Shiatsu is used to treat Rheumatoid arthritis to ease suffering. It can help stimulate circulation and bring better color to the skin. Reduce muscular pain, or warm up muscles prior to exercise with an invigorating shiatsu massage. A shiatsu massage assists to metabolize fat to increase stamina and nutrition flow throughout the body.

It is hard to match the gentle and soft touch of a human. Human hands have subtle and unique qualities making them simple, yet complex. Maybe the robotic massage chair cannot replace human hands yet. At least they never tire. You can use them 24/7 without an appointment. Relax to the built in music player and drift away as the pressure points are released one by one. Whatever you do, do not let your symptoms persist and please find treatment. There are ailments that can be treated at home with a shiatsu massage chair.

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Thanks for sharing Shiatsu Massage Therapy with all of us. It's been pleasure to read your article as you have given us a deep information.
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