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She Said Feeling Good Is Dangerous!

Posted Dec 20 2009 5:00am

Have you ever wondered what the relationship is between anxiety and feeling good?  Most anxious people have discovered that anxiety destroys feeling good.  People suffering from anxiety worry about insignificant as well as significant issues.  They worry about past, present and future issues.

There are many forms of anxiety.  For some people anxiety takes the form of physical symptoms such as headaches, stomach aches and other symptoms consistent with any medical diagnosis.  For some people anxiety prevents them from being alone or leaving their home.  Others have social anxiety.  There is no doubt that anxiety destroys feeling good.

Let's look at something that is not so obvious.  For some people feeling good creates anxiety.

I talked to a young woman who has been devastated by anxiety.  She is getting better.  As she talked, she surprised herself as she verbalized a previously hidden key to understanding her anxiety.

Surprised she said "FEELING GOOD IS DANGEROUS"!

She has been unconsciously afraid to feel good.  Whenever she started to feel good, anxiety overwhelmed her.  She recalled childhood experiences of feeling good that were associated with guilt, shame and censure from adults.  Undoubtedly the association of feeling good with danger began in her childhood and this association has unconsciously, constantly been reinforced throughout her adult years.

Now she has an explanation for why she was unable to finish relational, educational and vocational pursuits after she began to feel good about her achievements.

I have also recently been talking to a man who also is consciously aware that FEELING GOOD IS DANGEROUS.  He has had many physical problems that have curtailed his activities.  He is fearful that over- exerting himself will be dangerous to his health.  There are many reasons why people with anxiety may unconsciously or consciously think that feeling good is dangerous.

It is important to confront the automatic negative thought that FEELING GOOD IS DANGEROUS.  If feeling good is not dangerous, then consciously re-program your mind to think that FEELING IS NOT DANGEROUS!

Remember, We Live with the Environment Created by Our Choices!

Dr. Hal

Life and Mental Fitness Coach

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