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Shaved Root Vegetable Thanksgiving Salad

Posted Nov 18 2012 4:17pm

After a busy week at work, it’s finally time to officially prepare for the holidays. My parents arrive on Tuesday, and Thanksgiving at Matt’s family’s house is looming in the very near future. I’m very grateful to have family that host, cook, and serve everything you could ever want on this November holiday, but I do like to partake in my own Thanksgiving offering. And if you know me and know my blog, I’m definitely not bringing sweet potatoes with marshmallows or boxed stuffing.

This year, I decided on Michael Symon’s Shaved Vegetable Salad . It seemed like the perfect counterbalance to the traditional fare; something that would refresh the palate and leave room in the belly for the rest of dinner. Plus it’s vegan (if you take out the cheese) and gluten free, so it suits everyone’s needs!


Shaved Root Vegetable Salad

by Every Little Thing

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Ingredients (serves 10)


Note: Because the vegetables are served raw, it is very important to slice them as thin as possible, preferably in a food processor or mandoline. My mandoline was set to an 1/8" slice.

In a large bowl, combine the beet, onion, carrots and radishes. In a small bowl, whisk the garlic with the lemon juice, oil dill, salt and pepper. Slowly add the dressing to the sliced vegetables, stopping to toss every so often to ensure you don’t overdress. Add feta, transfer to a platter, and garnish with the almonds and sunflower seeds.


As I noted in the recipe, to get the vegetables as thin as you need, you really need a mandoline or at the very least, a food processor. I recently got a new mandoline as a wedding gift and I’m in love with it. It’s this one from OXO:

I used my old mandoline, an under-$20 cheapo model, all the time. It makes slicing thinly and evenly so easy. This new one is super fancy and I can’t wait to julienne and slice every vegetable in the fridge.

Ahem, about that salad.

I set my mandoline at 1/8” and each slice was definitely thin enough. The beet slices should be so thin, they curl! And the radishes – you should be able to almost see through them!


This salad tastes like a winter garden in your mouth. The onions add a little kick to the root vegetables, and the feta provides the saltiness you need to counter the vegetables. And the crunch? Well, this whole salad is crunchy but the almonds and sunflower seeds add that too.

The original recipe calls for golden beets, which means your entire salad (and kitchen…) won’t turn pink like mine. But you know? Among all that brown and orange on the Thanksgiving table, I’m excited that this salad might stand out a bit, not only for the color but for the fresh addition to an overloaded Thanksgiving meal.

A few more Thanksgiving ideas:





Happy Thanksgiving!

What are you making this year?

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