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Sharing the Flame

Posted Aug 30 2011 9:23pm
(I’ve written  about this topic before … but it feels fresh in my heart. I obviously have more to say-to process in regards to this idea, so I hope you’ll indulge me.)

I recently subscribed to a couple of inspirational/daily meditation/reflection emails. These daily notes are non-religious, but are about the spirit and light, that I believe is inside of all people. Sometimes they’re just daily quotes meant to make you think about some element of our humanity… or spirituality, whichever facet you choose to apply it to.

Yesterday’s quote was attributed to “Erin Majors” and a few google searches yielded no further information about who she might be, or what context this applied to, but I’m grateful for her words.

A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.





What is it about us that makes us erroneously believe that pointing out the wonderful in others leeches the wonderful from ourselves?

Have you ever seen a friend or acquaintance come into the office, looking particularly fresh faced and having a fabulous hair day on a morning that held spilled espresso, a broken hairdryer, and missing dry cleaning for you?

Hot Stuff, meet Hot Mess.

Did you have the nerve to tell her how lovely she looked? (Let me point out that your inclusion or exclusion of a compliment isn’t going to do a thing for that back-of-the-closet ensemble, so why hold it back?)

I mean, let’s keep it real, dear readers… here is the heart of the matter:

We are not BOWLS of love. We do not ladle up our hopes and dreams, and dish them out to our friends, slowly dwindling our supply and leaving shallows in the wake.

We are FLAMES of love! We have the opportunity to give brightness to those around us who’ve been rained on. Those around us who’ve succumbed to the wind. Those around us who’ve run out of fuel. Those around us who’ve let someone snuff them to darkness. Those around us who’ve been hasty and frivolous with their glow, letting it be whispered away.

And when your flame joins my flame, and we continue to put those sparks of light together…

We have the opportunity to create a roaring, blazing inferno of support for each other.

I want people around me to KNOW that they can count on me to lift them up.

I want to be the type of person who freely shares her flame.

I hope to be instrumental in helping those around me shine.

I want to glow.





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