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Share this video with everyone you know

Posted Mar 16 2013 7:00am

Happy Saturday, friends!

Matty and I are spending the entire day together in Boston and we’re so pumped. This is the first day since New Years Eve that we’ve been able to spend a full day together. I’ll be chronicling everything on Instagram , so you can keep tabs on me there.

I’ve got a video for you to watch. It’s so captivating and I hope you’ll share it with everyone you know. Matty introduced it to me this week and I was so riveted that I had to share it with you.

I know that bullying is constantly talked about in the media, but it’s for good reason. I was bullied in elementary school for wearing glasses. The boys in the back of the bus called me “four eyes.” Real original, dudes. I was bullied in high school for my fashion choices (think uber bohemian…are we shocked?). The girls in the back of my French class would snicker, talk about me behind my back, and call me a “wannabe vegan.”

It’s cool now (some of those girls actually read my blog – hey chicas!) but it wasn’t cool then. I felt broken, torn, and incomplete. I didn’t know that I had everything I needed inside of me. I thought that I needed everyone to like me in order to be happy when, in reality, all I had to do was like myself.

We’ve all been there. And that’s why we all have to share this with the world! Let’s get Shayne’s video played in schools across the country. We gotta rise up! For more information on Shayne and all of the incredible artists that contributed to the making of this video, click here .

Stay lovely,

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