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Severe Acne Types and their Causes

Posted Oct 24 2008 7:22pm
by George Thomas

It is not always that a person gets a severe outbreak of acne. But a person may suffer any of the three major forms of severe acne. The severe types of acne are of three main types namely Acne conglobata, Acne fulminans and Gram-negative folliculitis. These are the most sever acne forms which wreak havoc on the faces and minds of the individuals experiencing them. A right and timely diagnosis and identification of the acne is important to treat and control the infection.

Acne conglobata

Acne conglobata is the most severe form of acne. In this type blackheads spread all over the face. The black heads also have a few infected nodules around them. The nodules grow and also burst open. The nodules cause a lot of tenderness and pain. They make the skin scarred too. This form of acne affects males more than females. Acne conglobata is found in chest, back, upper arms, buttocks, and thighs besides the face. They do not clean up fast and may remain so for years.

Acne conglobata is the caused by the deterioration of papules and pustules. This is the reason it is found in other body parts such as chest, back, upper arms buttocks. In some cases Acne conglobata can erupt due to the flare-ups of acne lying dormant for some time (even years). The treatment for Acne conglobata is antibiotics and Isotretinoin. Acne conglobata does not respond favorably to the medications for other kinds of acne.

Another type of severe acne is Acne fulminans. It is a more severe form of Acne conglobata. Acne fuminans wreaks much more havoc. Not only is the acne ulcerating but also it is accompanied by fever. This kind of acne causes ill health with joint pains. It also causes an increase in the white blood cell count, thus aggravating the condition. Intake of the hormone testosterone has been linked to the outbreaks of Acne fulminans. The best treatment for Acne fulminans is antibiotics with Isotretinoin, steroids and most importantly anti inflammation medication such as aspirin.

Another major important kind of severe acne is Gram-negative folliculitis. This kind of acne is caused by bacteria specially the gram-negative types. Examples of such bacteria are Pseudomonas aerugriosa and E.coli. This is a very severe form of acne, where the hair follicles are also affected. In this kind the hair follicles become inflamed and infected along with pus filled pustules are formed on the skin. This kind on acne is the result of using topical antibiotics and tetracycline. The treatment involves using specific antibiotics with Isotretinoin.

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