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Seven Day Program for Healthy Living: “The Path to Fitness”

Posted Nov 19 2010 7:35pm
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Have you ever promised yourself you’d go to the fitness center tomorrow morning then decided not to? And all this because you do not feel like going through a couple of exercises? Although it happens to most of us, this does not mean that you should forget about the idea of staying fit altogether. What a lot of us have to understand is that keeping a fit body and eating the right kinds of food are essential to having a healthy body for a long time. If you know how your body reacts to a certain activity, then you can modify your diet and exercise to that which is best for you.

If you eat a lot, you can increase your physical activity to burn the excess fats your body does not need. Burning fats will release energy. To simplify it, eating the right kind of foods along with exercise will improve your metabolism. These will provide you with more energy and will let you perform more work with minimal effort. Exercise actually sends messages to the body and asks it to improve metabolism, strength, and its overall wellness and health. Every time you do this, your body reacts by improving its ability to burn fat for the entire day and even at night.

You do not have to do extreme exercise for it to work but you have to make sure that you are consistent with your workout. A good exercise regimen is regular cardiovascular workout four days a week for about 20 to 30 minutes per day, and doing rigorous training four days a week as well for about 20 to twenty-five minutes per day. This approach allows you to burn more fat ( how to lose belly fat fast ) and gives more oxygen while extreme training can increase body mass plus burn a lot calories around the area.

An example of an exercise regime that can probably work for you body is as follows:

  • Warm Up – doing 7 to 8 minutes light aerobics can increase the flow of your blood. It can also lubricate and stretch tendons and joints.
  • Extreme Training – Focus on your major muscle areas. You can do one or two sets per exercise then rest for forty-five seconds in between sets.
  • Aerobics - Choose two of your favorite activities. It can be jogging, cycling, skiing, or whatever interests you. Do twelve to fifteen minutes of your first activity then continue for ten minutes of the next activity. For the last 5 minutes, focus on cooling down.
  • Stretching - Finish your exercise with some stretching, proper breathing, relaxation and meditation. If you are going to start an exercise regimen, it is essential that you have realistic expectations.

Based on your original fitness level, you can achieve the following results:

  • 1 to 8 weeks – - You will have more energy and you will start feeling better about yourself.
  • 2 to 6 months – You will lose a few inches and obtain a leaner body. Your clothes will fit loosely and you will start to gain more muscles and lose fat.
  • 6 months onwards – You will lose weight more rapidly. As soon as you start making a commitment to exercise, do not just stop there. And aside from doing exercise, you must also change your eating habits.

Instead of counting your calorie intake or calculating grams, you can follow these very easy guidelines:

  • Eat small meals throughout the day (preferably four) and a few snacks in between.
  • Make sure that every meal you eat is well-balanced – include palm-sized proteins such as fish, lean meat, and dairy items, fist-sized parts of carbohydrates such as pasta, potatoes, whole-wheat bread, also fist-sized parts of fruits and vegetables.
  • Make sure that you have a limited intake of fat just enough to provide adequate flavor.
  • Complete at least 8 glasses of water the entire day.
  • Drink a multi-vitamins every day to make certain that your body gets the necessary vitamins and minerals.

That is all I can recommend for now but I know for certain that you can do more to maintain a healthy body. Special thanks to my doctor friend who helped me write this article. Be healthy to keep looking young!

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