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Set an example

Posted Nov 22 2011 8:30am
I'm trying to set a positive example for these boys...and every one around me!

As I find inspiration through fellow health bloggers, I find a trend and it is that we all strive to set an example for our families, our children, our parents...everyone.

Having an active lifestyle WILL impact your family in a positive way. We can't just want our children to be active, we must make healthy living a priority in our lives as well. I hope as a parent that I am doing just that.

I feel very strongly that we must associate physical fitness with fun and happiness, not as a chore or punishment! Too many times it is used incorrectly and we want our children to have a passion for being healthy and making exercise a positive part of their life.

Having been overweight myself, I find that people have found encouragement through my weight loss journey and I am able to serve as a "she did it, why can't I?" person! Yay! I couldn't ask for more than that. I think that also helped me relate to the overweight children I had the privilege of teaching. I helped them understand that change is possible and that their health is important! I wanted them to make a positive connection between exercise and feeling good!

So, I ask that you and I work together and set an example in our lives and the lives of our loved ones...spread your passion and love for health and fitness!

It will catch on and be contagious, I promise! As my husband's life changed and health became a priority, I watched my boys find a higher interest in exercise! They wanted to be like Daddy. They wanted to run fast like their Daddy and those moments for me are priceless!

It's never too late...EVER!

How will YOU set an example?

Yesterday's Workout: a great 5.4 mile run in the ridiculous heat! Yes, I said heat. While some of you are having to layer yourselves, I was dripping in sweat and could barely breath in the insane humidity! A cold front is approaching and I'm hoping it'll stay cool long enough for me to get a long run in this week?! My husband runs better in the heat and humidity and I am the total opposite, I'd rather it be freezing cold! Ha! What about you? Do you prefer hot or cold temps for running/exercise?

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