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Set a Goal and Meet It!

Posted Oct 12 2012 1:17pm
I think I've unlocked the mystery that is life. Because I'm Einstein-smart, of course. 

Up until Sunday I didn't appreciate the goal I set for myself way back in January 2012. I said I wanted to run a marathon by the end of the year. Yes, this was my New Year's Resolution (NYR) and for the first time in 31 trips around the sun I actually achieved a NYR.
So, this whole goal setting deal got me thinking... 

If I make my goal a little bigger than me and if I set a goal that scares me {but not too much} I'll reach said goal not because it's easy but because it's worth it. YOLO mentality. 

Training for a marathon was worth it to me. Not because I wanted to lose weight or become an Olympian. Although I'm fast enough, for sure. 

But seriously, I wanted to run a marathon because I needed to prove to myself that I'm not weak, that I'm not a quitter. Proving to myself that I'm strong and determined was more important to me than the agony of 18 weeks training, running, sweating, and vomiting (yes, that happened) to go to where I told myself I wanted to go. Clearly, my destination of choice was hell. Luckily, I came back. 

Just remember, your goal:

1. needs to be big,
2. it needs to be scary, 
3. and it needs to be fun. 

Running is big and scary, that's for sure. What I needed to do was learn to make it fun. More specifically, my definition of fun. Fun for me is sharing my experiences with others and asking them to share their experiences with me. I've learned runners are quite the funny bunch. Although we're all unique physically and mentally we have very similar experiences with, arguably, the world's toughest sport. Through talking and sharing with others you make yourself accountable to yourself. 

You surely can't talk running (and talk it well) if you're not a runner. Just as you can't talk healthy eating (and make any sense) if you don't practice healthy cooking. So, go figure out how to meet your big and scary goal by infusing it with a little fun. 

A little fun... it sure does go a long way.

Wanna Share?
What goal have you met that was big and scary... and what did you do along the way to ensure success?

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