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sesame seeds... oh how I love thee sesame!

Posted Feb 01 2011 12:00am
So I finally drug myself into the Doctor's office today. I put up a fight because I kept trying to convince myself I could fight this nasty sinus infection by myself. But I've been sick for so long and it has just depleted my energy. Needless to say my mother was starting to get worried when I kept missing work and coughing and hacking up a lung while talking on the phone to her, so I finally succumbed and went in to the Dr.
Here's how my visit went Nurse: So what brings you in today?
Me: (Brief explanation above) I have a nasty sinus infection, I can't sleep because I cough all night long... yada yada
Nurse: How long have you been sick?
Me: Off and on for 4-5 weeks or so. I felt better for a bit in between and this recent thing started about 2 weeks ago.
Nurse: 5 weeks!? And you didn't come in sooner?
Me: Well I tend to believe in my body's natural ability to heal itself and I really thought I could kick this on my own.
Nurse: <<Crinkling her brow>> Hmm... well it goes to show you doesn't it?
Me: What goes to show me?
Nurse: That your body doesn't always have the ability to naturally heal itself.
Me: So if I was in this same predicament back in the middle ages I would just ...wither away?...over a sinus infection?
Nurse: Maybe so.
Me: I see. Or maybe the local Herb Doctor would give me herbs.
Nurse: <<Confused look>> Ummm...yeah...maybe. So have you changed anything about your diet lately?
Me: Well actually I've sort of stepped up my Vegetarian diet into a wholesome Vegan diet.
Nurse: Since when?
Me: It's been about 3 months of solid Vegan I suppose...with a few slips at Christmas but who's counting Christmas right? ...
Nurse: <<scribbling on my chart>> Vegan... hmm.. how do you spell that? V-E-E...
Me: No, that would be V-E-G-A-N
Nurse: So you don' any meat then? Nothing?
Me: No. And no dairy products either.
Nurse: Not even milk?
Me: Well, that would be a dairy product wouldn't it?
Nurse: <<Hmmmph>> I suppose it would be. <<scribbling on chart some more>>  Have you been feeling weak at all lately?
Me: Well yeah, I've been sick.
Nurse: Maybe you aren't getting enough Iron. You might have a Vitamin deficiency... I mean, you aren't even eating any meat.
Me: Well there are a lot of other iron sources including greens and many different veggies. I try to eat a well balanced diet.
Nurse: So all you eat are vegetables?
Me: No actually--I eat fruits, veggies, whole grains, beans, tofu, nuts, soy...
Nurse: So basically fruits and vegetables.
Me: Umm, that's not all I said but yes I do eat those.
Nurse: No fish either than I assume?
Me: (((thinking-- did they teach you anything in nursing school!? Obviously not much nutrition, or much about how to talk to patients, but how about the fact that fish=animal=meat?))) Not really any fish nope.
Nurse: <<Slaps my chart shut>> Well you must be sick because you aren't eating any meat. The doctor will be in shortly. <<Muttering to herself as she leaves>> All she eats are vegetables, well I'll be!

ha....ha....ha....  WOW.

Now, let me just say that my DOCTOR is wonderful. She fully supports my vegan diet, has known me since I was 10-years-old, was there for me when I struggled through my eating disorder and so much more. I LOVE her. She is one cool chic. She did not bother me with any tedious annoying questions like the nurse, but leveled with me that I really did need an antibiotic. (((BLAH!))) But my body did not want to kick this nasty infection and I was desperate to get over my restless nights so I gave in. She said I could stick it out and heal myself but it might take another 2 weeks. I do not HAVE another 2 weeks because I am moving this weekend and I can NOT possibly move while enduring nasty coughing, nose blowing, phlegm, etc. I'm over it! And as far as the nurse is concerned... she can just bite me. Seriously.
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