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Posted Aug 30 2012 11:18pm

Okay so it is here!! The first ever Peace, Love and Low Carb monthly challenge.  The September challenge is to SET GOALS… THEN KICK THEM IN THE FACE!  Write out a list of goals that you are committed to achieving in the month of September.  Set goals that will take hard work and dedication but that also follow the SMART model of goal settingSpecific – Measurable – Attainable – Realistic – Timely


Take a picture of your goal list.  It can be hand written, you can use a notepad on your phone, etc.  It doesn’t matter how you make the list, JUST MAKE IT!  Make sure that the list at least has your first name on it.  Send me your list at and I will post it into the September Challenge photo album on Facebook. 
Here is how the challenge will work… Set as many goals as you want.  Here are some examples; lose 10 pounds, run a 5k, work out 5 days per week, run 30 minutes a day, burn 3500 calories a day, don’t drink soda, drink 100oz. of water per day etc… Set as many or as few goals as you like.  BUT keep in mind that to be eligible for the grand prize at the end of the month, you will only get credit for the completed goals that can be verified.  Verification can come from a number of means.  For example, if your goal is to lose 10 pounds, take a before picture holding something that shows the date and then take a photo of the scale at your current weight.  Then do the same thing at the end of the month to verify weight loss.  If your goal is a certain number of calories burned, you can show proof with a picture of a cardio machine at the end of your workouts or with a bodybugg, fitbit, slim coach, etc.  Anything you have that accurately counts calories would work.  If your goal is to track miles ran, you can show proof with screenshots of Runkeeper, mapmyrun, Endomondo, etc.  If your goal is to track your food, you can prove this with having an open diary on myfitnesspal, sparkpeople, etc.  Any goal you set and accomplish that can be verified will gain you entry into the grand prize drawing.
I do not by any means want to discourage you from the non-verifiable goals.  If your goal is to stop drinking soda, stop smoking, stop complaining, stop eating fast food, etc…  I commend you and also encourage you to kick these goals in the face also.  The idea of this goal challenge is to motivate, inspire and change ourselves for the better by any means possible, large or small.  Let’s stay positive and keep each other accountable, motivated and strong. 
Let’s check in with each other often.  If you meet one of your goals, let the group know about it so we can cheer you on.  You can even cross it off your list, write the date of completion next to it and send a new photo for the album. 

Here is how the grand prize winner will be chosen.  The person with the most completed, verifiable goals is the WINNER, WINNER, CHICKEN DINNER.  In the event of a tie, there will be a sudden death, extreme random drawing…. Okay, okay so a tie-breaker drawing is not extreme, but it IS fair.


You win a huge health and beauty prize package that I have put together for you.  Everyone likes free stuff but also a lot of people don’t like to spend their hard earned money on the basic necessities.  I have posted a picture of the prize in the blog post as well as in the September challenge album on Facebook. 

Deadline for entry Sept 5th.  Contest ends September 30th.


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