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Sensitive Skin: Part 1

Posted Feb 17 2011 9:27am

I have had a lot of requests for the topic: Sensitive Skin.  When I was working as a skincare consultant almost every client said that they had sensitive skin in some way.  It really is such a broad skin concern that we’re going to need multiple posts to cover this topic.

Here’s video number 1:

If the sensitivity in your skin is making it break out in pimples, it’s likely a situation with too much sebum, blocked pores, and therefore a bacteria problem.  Here’s what you should do to address the breakouts:

  • Wash your makeup brushes, wash them often
  • Make sure you are washing your face properly, especially if you wear makeup.  Check and make sure that your cleanser removes makeup.
  • Exfoliate!  Get that dead skin off of your face so bacteria doesn’t get caught under the dead cells.
  • Check the expiry period for your product.  Example -- if it says 12M it means that 12 months after you open the product you should use it all or dispose of it.  This is because the ingredients could break down in it, but also because after it’s expiry period it may house bacteria easier.
  • Check the absorption of your product.  If your moisturizer isn’t absorbing all the way, that may be a sign that it’s too heavy for you and that may be causing pimples.  Using the wrong product for your skin type can commonly cause skin breakouts.

Next we’re going to cover a sensitive skin that has reactions like rashes, redness, or bumps.

Have you ever described your skin as sensitive?  What category does the sensitivity fall into -- pimples or rashes?

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