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Sencha Shot & Detox Plan

Posted May 26 2011 12:34pm

Happy Thirsty Thursday, Friends!

I needed a little pick me up…this Mommy business is quite exhausting

In honor of our sugar detox starting tomorrow I picked up this cold green tea. No sugar added. A teeny bit bitter…but I enjoyed it.

Tomorrow we give up the sweets

^not this sweet ;-)


More like any added forms of this:


I didn’t realize it was a holiday weekend…and I asked you all to start a sugar cleanse. Well, let’s test our strength! If we can get through the Memorial Day parties, we can conquer anything!

My friend, Jen , who is also a Holistic Health Coach just came off of a 10 day sugar cleanse. I asked her what she did for it. I was thinking no added sugars, just stevia and certain fruit (maybe cutting out the ones with the highest glycemic index).


She and her group went on a herbal detox kit from Renew Life. I am not going to do this because I am not sure if it is safe while breastfeeding. I DO take a probiotic every day. Maybe I will pick up some Kombucha as well. I think Ella has some gas lately (when she gets fussy at night and there is no calming her), so I was thinking I really need to be better about my probiotics, and I wanted to do this detox to also see if it helped. Ella is a huge motivator for me!

Years ago I had a nutritionist working for me and together we came up with a healthy eating program called “The Lean Lifestyle Program” It wasn’t a diet, but a way of life plan based on each individuals needs. We pushed eating a protein, carb and fat at each meal and gave clients a range of grams to eat per meal. We ALWAYS said to stay under 40 grams of sugar per day this made the range of 6-8 grams at meals and less at snacks depending on how we structured the plan.

As far as the sugar detox Jen followed goes…she told me that she followed this protocol:

“No dried fruit (I think of it as a concentrate).

Do the coconut milk kefir instead of the yogurt (there’s only 3 grams of sugar as opposed to 6).  I don’t have a number of grams I advise ppl to stay under.  The meals that I suggest don’t have any added sugars and fruit is limited to berries, granny smith apples, lemon, lime and grapefruit.  I don’t know if that’s feasible for you at the moment.  No dairy other than goat cheese in small quantities, only fermented soy, and low fat (avocados, oils, nuts, etc).  This works to counter the Kapha affects of the spring dampness that creeps into the body.”

Jen’s detox is a combo of Natalia Rose and Paul Pitchford’s protocol for candida.


In addition to what I was planning to do I decided that I am going to try and follow the same program Jen followed.

The Plan:

No added sugars. Meaning look at your labels and ingredient list…sugar is hidden in MANY forms! Use stevia if needed.

Fruit is limited to just berries, tart apples, grapefruit lemon and lime. Cut out dairy, just small amounts of goats cheese (no biggie for me). You can use the herbal detox kit from Renew Life, I am just going to be vigilant about taking my probiotics. Post a meal with no added sugar per day. Get others involved! Cut the cravings OUT!

Everyone that said they are “in” for the sugar detox, I will go through my comments and list you tomorrow (hoping I don’t miss anyone). Let me know if you want to join if you haven’t already!

Let’s do this!!!!

I will try and post a recipe a day, whether it’s mine or a link to someones else’s. Post my challenge on your blog to see who else wants in! We can all support each other!


My first step for Operation Post Baby Body & Yours for a Healthy Spring Cleaning :-)


Don’t forget to enter the Book Giveaway if you haven’t already! Munchkin picks the winner in the morning!



What are your thoughts on the sugar detox?

Do you think you can follow the above guidelines for 7 days?

If you have done a detox before, what guidelines did you follow?






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