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Self Love Tips for the Festive Season

Posted Dec 14 2010 8:04pm
There's just over a week to go until the big day and as I recently reminded you.... I hope you are still breathing!    This is a time of year for many of us that involves a lot of giving, shopping, buying, baking, making and then some more giving on top.  This is of course a beautiful and joyous thing but I've been thinking about the notion of giving at this time of year and how while it's lovely to give to others - what do we give to ourselves?  What do you give to you?

Many women I know personally and have counselled are not so great at giving to themselves or even liking the idea of giving to themselves.  Often brilliant at doing it for others, but when it comes to themselves.....mmmmm....not so much.  I am sure it is tied up in notions of being thought of as selfish or even self centred but I want to send a loud and clear Christmas message that it is absolutely not.

Giving to yourself is an act of self love. 
I repeat...

Giving to yourself is an act of self love.
If we don't give to ourselves and ensure we are taken care of, nurtured, healthy and fully functioning, it goes without question that our capacity to give things away becomes very limited.  I know you are probably quite frantic at the moment thinking about all the things you have to do and get done in the lead up to the 25th but this post is my gentle reminder to you to think about ways you can give to YOU this festive season.  Here are some ideas that might help you throw some self love your way...
Buy yourself a little pressie.  Why not?!  If there's something you really want but know it's not going to be given to you - don't let that stop you from treating yourself.
If you are hosting a big get together - give to yourself and your sanity by either accepting help when it is offered or actually asking for help with the arrangements.  Being the 'hostess with the mostess' is not all it's cracked up to be and often can leave you feeling ragged and unappreciated.
Try to find some time to slip in a bit of pampering for yourself.  If you can afford it - a mani, pedi, massage are always great things but if not - how about a long soaking bath or even just a sleep in?  Want to know my idea of great pamper time?  An extra hour in bed!
Say no.  If you are virtually in tears at the thought of another Christmas drinks, party, get together, 'must see you before the end of year' soiree - say no.  It's ok.  In fact it's more than ok if you are feeling overbooked and overwrought.  Sometimes we simply run out of time and hours and your family, friends and colleagues need to understand that you just want a night at home with a toasted sandwich and the TV.  Not running yourself into the ground will see you move into the New Year with so much more energy and love than if you slump in a screaming heap feeling exhausted.
Give yourself the gift of treating YOU with loving kindness this festive season.  Don't be too hard on yourself.  Do give yourself a break.  Don't strive to be perfect.  Just be you.  Relax when you can and remember that this is a season of love.  Just don't forget that means love for you too.
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