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Self Injection of Insulin: A Necessity For Diabetic Patients

Posted Aug 23 2013 7:51am


A diabetic who needs an insulin on regular basis must learn to inject it himself, as insulin is a protein, which when taken orally tends to break down with the help of the digestive juices and is not beneficial to a diabetic, hence it becomes necessary to inject it on regular basis.

If the diabetic is able to learn how to inject himself with insulin, he becomes self- dependent if he has the know how of insulin injection. Apart from patients who are old and have a problem in keeping their hands steady, almost all the diabetic patients can learn the process of insulin injection.

Self injection of Insulin for Diabetic PatientsIt is imperative to get over the psychological barrier which prevents the patient from mastering the methods of self injection, and some of the fears like breaking of needle, or injecting at any wrong place or if pierced very deep are unfounded and exaggerated, if reasonable precautions are taken during the process.

A diabetic may use reusable or disposable needles and the syringe and the needles can be sterilized by boiling or keeping them in spirit.

The areas of body where it can be injected by diabetics are sides of the arms, front of the abdomen on either side of the navel, front of the thighs and upper part of the buttocks.

It is very important to keep changing the place of the insulin injection, as repeated insulin injections in the same area will hurt the skin as well as the underlying fat tissue and may also lead to an increase in the scar tissue and which stops the absorption of the insulin through the scar issue. Rotation of the areas to be injected can also avoid the swelling or the lumping of the fats under the skin, and it is imperative that the gap between two sites should be 1.5 cm, and prior to injecting one must wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water and check out the expiry date of the insulin.

Self injection can make a patient suffering from lead a life free from dependency and hence there is no harm in learning this technique.


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