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Self Esteem and Social Media

Posted Jul 05 2011 1:00am

I spend quite a bit of my time in front of my laptop.  I have to remind myself to disconnect beyond time spent seeing clients and being in meetings.  It’s all about balance and just having time to completely disconnect, unplug and switch off.  I do love it though, as it allows me to connect with many beautiful and wonderful people that I never would have had the chance to know or meet in face to face circumstances.

When you have a Facebook page, Twitter account, write a blog, or send out an e-newsletter you are connected to people in a very unique way.  Some people you may know in real life and see in person regularly.  Others you may never have met or even know their full name.  For these vastly differing reasons you may feel very connected and even love someone you engage with online, or in fact know nothing about them except to be grateful they like what you do.  While it is wonderful to have such connections and they can be used for the most amazing support, inspiration, and help, I also am aware of the undue distress they can cause when expectations regarding the role social media and our online world plays in our lives are not kept in… Read the rest

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