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Self Care is the most important care

Posted Feb 17 2011 5:35am

Thank you to everyone who left sweet and thoughtful comments on my last post . I just seriously needed to vent and get all the crazy out of my head—it was clogging my brain up big time. You guys really are the best and I appreciate every comment.


Perhaps you’ve heard the phrase in my title before? A big part of Intuitive Eating (and really just being healthy+happy in general) is taking care of yourself. Exercising and eating well are a part of that, but there’s more:

  • thinking positive
  • getting enough sleep
  • skin care
  • oral hygiene
  • wearing makeup and doing your hair (if that’s your thing)
  • staying hydrated
  • wearing clothes that make you feel good

Self care is a pretty individualized concept—some people naturally couldn’t care less about the clothes they wear, while choosing a nice outfit is an important part of feeling good for others; Some people have highly evolved skin care routines and others just use soap. The key is making yourself a priority—however you choose to do so.

And I’ve been failing at that big time for a few weeks.

Yes, I’m still waking up, exercising, showering, and getting dressed. But my lazy side has really kicked in and I find myself not taking the time to wash my face in the morning (ewww… I know), put lotion on my dry skin after showering, or even think about makeup. A few weeks of this behavior affects my mental health more than you might believe.

This morning I put in the effort, though, and I’ve felt pretty good all day. Knowing I care enough for myself to do the small things that make me happy is a huge mood booster. Try it.

What is one small thing you do (or try to do) everyday to make yourself a priority in your life?

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