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Seeking perfection

Posted Feb 14 2010 4:58pm
I think we all seek a form of perfection in our lives. Whether that be in a relationship, a project, an ideal or image of who we want to be. To me seeking perfection is a way we can control who we are and our possible future. Perfection is unattainable and its desire will always let us down. I tell people to make it easier for themselves. Set goals that are achievable.

For example...
*I want to drink more water, aim for 6 glasses a day.
*I want to increase my exercise, 3 walks a week with my dog.
*I want to improve my diet, 1 salad a day.

These are simple but for many people, quite hard to maintain. Once achieved aim higher but realise, you won't always have opportunity for meditation. When under stress, you shouldn't need to maintain the same exercise regime, just drop it back a bit until you're in the right place again. Be gentle on yourself, imagine how much you could achieve if you were better friends with yourself?

Next go for something like...
*I want to take a regular yoga class, every monday and wednesday evenings. From this I'll start my own personal practise on saturday mornings.
*I want to cut out dairy, I'll do this for a month and see how I feel.
*Alcohol is an occasional thing, I only want to drink on special occasions and lightly with friends.

This weekend I planned to what I call "zen out". I took my big Alaskan Malamute for a walk in the bush. I had some nice relaxing photos taken, only for the memory card to break. Oh well, the other part of my plan was to make my Fruit Tea recipe, which I did do but not in the bliss I imagined. I missed my Sunday morning yoga class and I was emotionally tired but I did make the tea!

Fruit Tea...
1 sweet apple
1 orange
1 lime
3 tablespoons of dried hibiscous flowers
1 vanilla pod (love these!)
honey or agave to taste

* Slice the apple, orange and lime thinly and place in a dehydrator (this will take a full day). You can use the sun if you have at least 3 days of consistent sunshine. Once dried, not crispy just until the pieces are sticky place them in a tea pot with the hibiscous and vanilla bean.
* Pour boiling water over them and steep for 4 mins.
* Add sweetener and serve hot or chilled.

The hibiscous gives this tea a beautiful red colour but don't use too much or it will be acidic. I'm using a small amount as a cordial for my water jug. If you have a dinner party add vodka and serve with ice.

There is perfection in imperfection.
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