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Secret of Wellness

Posted May 23 2012 8:42am


Secret of Wellness?

Staying healthy with natural hygiene is the secret of wellness.

Need for Wellness?

Health is a positive state of well being of the body and the mind. It is not mere absence of so called disease conditions. Health must be deserved, before one can desire it. One should lead a well ordered daily life and should devote to keeping the body clean would qualify him for being called healthy. Natural hygiene alone guides man on how he can retain his health and progressively improves his level of health further and further. Natural hygiene alone can regain one’s health in a safe way.

What makes / builds wellness?

Caring for the body, mind and spirit as nature intends the human beings to take care of them. Health level of a person is assessed by finding out the extent to which a person’s healthy. A healthy person experiences a unique sense of wellness to carry on the external and internal activities easily. In a state of wellness there is a feeling of comfort. People dieting, fasting, resting and relaxing, exercising (active, corrective and recreational) doing pramayama, sun bathing are the essential principles of wellness. It’s the life power (prana sakthi) that activates every cell and every tissues within the body.

Life power is inherent in the organism. It’s kept as reserve within known as prana sakthi. The power spent on any activity is that of jeevan sakthi.Life power is one continuous biological activity.Due to the adaption of un-hygienic habits of life the body becomes unclean internally.Jeevan sakthi prevents storage of dirty matter with-in the body. The passive cause of disease is the accumulation of dirty matter with-in, while the active cause is the jeeven shakthi.



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