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Second Race in 36 Hours - Canada Day Race Recap

Posted Jul 01 2010 3:16pm
I ran a 5K race this morning, the Barrie 5K Canada Day race, in less than 36 hours from finishing my last 10K race. I went into this race knowing it was only going to be a fun race since my daughter was running the Kids 1K. Which was a good thing because I woke up with very stiff legs so I knew I would not be pushing it hard at all today.

When we got to the race we were there an hour prior to the 1K kids run (the 1K was before the 5K and the 10K). We headed down to the centre point and was re-directed up a block to the Running Room store to get our race kits. So we headed up there and there was a big lineup that was hardly moving. No idea why giving out bib numbers take so long but when I got closer to the front of the line I overhead everyone arguing. Apparently they ran out of some sized shirts and were not giving those people shirts because they had to make sure that people that asked for the size that they actually did have got theirs. Which I felt was unfair. They also had no more race kits.......WHAT! Are you serious! Then someone came through the line to give out the kids kit and when I asked for one I was told I had to get my daughter to the start line and I explained I still need my bib number since the line was taking so long. It was so unorganized it was ridiculous. Then you had to go down near the start line to get your chip. I was not amused at this time.

But the 1K was starting so we had to get our daughter to the start line and here she is waiting

And here is a great action picture of her getting to the finish line

She did a great job and ended in the first 1/4. Unfortunately they did not time it. She was upset because kids were passing her but I tried to explain that she did a great job and there will usually be people passing you in races!

Here she is with her medal and showing off her Canada Day tattoos

The 5K and the 10K started together. Here is a picture of me just waiting for the race to start. Yes I was also all decked out in Canada Day tattoos

It was a beautiful area along the lake but it was a very unbalanced course with alot of loose gravel areas and it looped back which I don't like because the running area gets really tight. So my time was 25:29!

Here I am getting my medal at the finish line

Here are the two girls with our medals

So I was not happy with the setup of this race at all and the employees at the Running Room were very unsympathetic which I don't appreciate since people do have to pay for the race so they should receive what they are told they will receive. There was also very little voulnteers and direction of where everything was taking place. But the area was beautiful and it was a gorgeous day and it was a great way to celebrate CANADA DAY!
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