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Second night of chicken and loving outlet mall shopping

Posted Aug 03 2011 2:19am
I couldn't decide what it would be for breakfast this morning..eggs, cold cereal, oatmeal, Shakeology smoothie bowl..I contemplated it for 30 minutes..

Smoothie bowl topped with cereal..problem solved! Breakfast is always my favorite meal of the day, which might be why I always share what I had. :)

For tonights dinner for the boyfriend and roommate, I wanted to make pulled BBQ chicken sandwiches with slow cooked chicken..using just two ingredients and the slow cooker I bought my boyfriend for Christmas! I love making meals using it and everything I have made in the past always turned out great!

Easy slow cooker chicken:

-3 chicken breasts(fat trimmed off)
-Chicken broth or stock
(makes enough for about 5 sandwiches)

Directions as follows:

 I added 3 chicken breasts to the slow cooker and covered them with the chicken stock and cooked them on low for about 7-8 hours..I didn't keep track.

Pulled chicken BBQ sandwiches:

Next, I shredded the chicken..slow cooking it makes this super easy!

 Stirred in some BBQ sauce..

Boyfriend made one of his sandwiches with a hot wing sauce(which I did not approve of) and in the end, he said my BBQ one was the best. :D I win!

Rewinding a little bit to the beginning of the day..I tried out the nude nail polish trend that has been going on for a while..

Removed 2 seconds after this..
Maybe it's the shade? My hands are too tan? I don't know what it is, but this look just wasn't for me. Bright pink will be back tomorrow!

Todays workout= the start of Insanity week 2!Another day of Pure Cardio..pretty much the toughest video for me yet. I felt strong throughout the entire workout though and even improved since doing it last Friday! This Friday will be a different story..Pure Cardio AND Insane abs will all be completed in one day...hold me. :(
The boyfriend planned to take me back to the outlets in Destin today after work since our trip on Sunday was a failure. The outlets close at 9 on the weekdays which = shopping all night! I've never been a fan of outlets until recently, and now that it's one of the best places to shop near Fort Walton Beach, I'm a huge fan. :)

Some much needed shoes were purchased, Nike shox to be exact! They were half off the original price and I'm in love with the color. :) The shorts were also much needed and I love the waistband on squeezing of the hips and other such nonsense. ;) I have to admit, I love shorts with built in undies..makes life soo much easier!
I may have also purchased the most perfect jeans ever, but I'm guilty and secretly want to return them. I blame my boyfriend..he told me I HAD to get them, really. At least they were from the Off 5th outlet AND 20% off?!
Obviously famished from all of this shopping, stopping for frozen yogurt was necessary!
I love that all of the frozen yogurt places I've encountered in Florida(the only 3 in this area) have had mini marshmallows for a favorite! California frozen yogurt, you are behind!
And because I love late night snacks..a batch of kale chips were made right when we got home, thanks to the boyfriend who stopped at Fresh Market 10 minutes before closing on the way home from Destin. I ran in and snatched 2 giant bunches of organic kale and a basket of organic strawberries. :)

I'm not sure how many of my (few) readers are recent graduates and searching and applying for jobs or trying to figure out life, but I'm in that boat right now and it's pretty much all I think and stress about most days and nights. Tonight I read a blog post from SnackFace (who is absolutely AMAZING at writing) and what she said pretty much summed up all of my feelings lately. If you're at this point in life and feel a little bit alone, read this:  
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