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Seawheeze is finally here!

Posted Aug 09 2013 9:35am
As I sit here and type this, runners from all over the world are making their way to Vancouver for Seawheeze 2013 .  Estimates say that nearly half of the 10,000+ runners at this weekend's Lululemon half marathon will be from out of town.  That's kind of exciting.  So many bloggers and Twitter friends I know are coming to my city to run this unique event and that's just plain cool.  Even though I don't have definite plans, I'm hoping I get the chance to meet some of these lovely running friends.

Last year I got to run the inaugural Seawheeze half marathon and although I was super unimpressed with so much merchandise having been purchased for scalping on eBay (leaving barely anything left for the rest of us to look at or buy) I really enjoyed the rest of the event (recaps herehere  and here ).  The course was beautiful, the energy was awesome and there were little twists and turns around every corner.  It was truly a special running event and I'm so glad I got to be a part of it.  Not to mention it was at Seawheeze 2012 that Krista and I became friends!

I've had a pretty busy year in running so far and I have to admit that Seawheeze kind of snuck up on me.  I've been running and training for full marathons and ultra marathons this year so my Seawheeze training has just sort of organically come from all of that.  I don't really have any time goals for this race and really am just hoping to have as much fun as possible instead of focusing on the clock.  Unless of course I get out there and find I'm having a super speedy day, then I might decided to push myself a little and see what happens...

Our Seawheeze 2012 medals - tied up with lime green shoelaces!
Wonder what they'll have this year!
By the time you read this post, Krista and I will be entrenched in the early morning hoopla that will be awaiting us outside the long-awaited Seawheeze Showcase Store.  After being shafted last year we've decided to give it a second try and see if we can actually get the chance to buy some Seawheeze gear.  Everything was really cute last year so I'm hoping for some of that same cute-factor this year...heck, even if I don't find anything I like, I'm sure hoping that Lululemon has taken steps to avoid selling out in the first few hours of the day.  It was such a disappointment to wait so long last year only to find practically everything sold out.

We will also be there to pick up our race packages and I'm kind of curious to see what that will be this year.  Last year we got cool bags, flip flops and wristbands instead of bib numbers.  I'm sure they'll have come up with some cool ideas again.

Seawheeze gear check/race package bags from 2012
Anyhow, it's going to be a lineup-filled start to another busy but fun weekend of running and other surprises.  While I'm standing around like a lemming waiting to spend all my money, my dearest friend will be welcoming her second sweet little son into the world.  I'll be very anxiously awaiting a text from her that he's arrived safely and will be heading straight for the hospital as soon as she's out of recovery and ready for a visit from Auntie Nikki.  Oh how I love sweet baby boys, I just can't wait to squish him tomorrow.

This picture is really horrible but the fruit skewers, blueberry waffles
and mini quiches were absolutely delicious at Seawheeze last year!
On the running front, I'm hoping to join in with the Learn to Run and 5k clinic Friday night for a social shake-out run before Seawheeze the next morning.  And once Seawheeze is done and Krista and I have filled up on what I am hoping will be just as delicious post-run snacks as last year, I'll be heading up to Squamish to watch a huge group of friends complete the Squamish 23k/50k races.  So many blogger, Twitter and Running Room friends will be running these events - even my Marathon Clinic co-instructor and partner in crime will be running the 23k event.  I'm hoping to have a fun afternoon kicking back and watching friends reach some pretty awesome goals.

And finally, to cap off the weekend and the 26km I will have already run, our Marathon Clinic will be running a 19km step-back run this Sunday morning before ramping up our distances again the following week.  I am so proud of our clinic runners for completing their 26km runs last weekend - for many this was their longest distance yet.  I can't wait to reach 29km and 30+ km with this group.

So there you have it.  Two sleeps away from Seawheeze and a very fun weekend full of squishy, little baby boys and running galore.  Sounds like a good weekend to me!

Update: I'm now home from the package pickup and Seawheeze showcase store and I have to say it went SO MUCH smoother than last year.  The lines were long but they loved quickly and we got into the store and picked up a few goodies!  Bring on the Seawheeze!

Update V2.0: Happy to say my friend had her baby and he's sure a cutie! Waiting to go visit them in the hospital now!
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