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Seattle, Sandwiches, and Sweet New Gear

Posted Jan 17 2013 5:38pm

Lately I have been going to Seattle a lot to hunt for specific school programs. I am finally narrowing down top choices, and none of them happen to be in Seattle at this point. In order to be sure, I made a trip this week to a Seattle school to hear what they were all about. I didn’t like the end result, and that’s just one less school to choose from.

Hello Seattle

Hello Seattle

I almost never go on these expeditions alone, and I am always able to convince a certain someone to come along for the ride as long as we stop for dinner when we are done.

Mariah Carey..aka Manfriend

Mariah Carey..aka Manfriend

This trip was no exception. You may remember this post where I made a mess out of my entire being at The Veggie Grill . Since it was Manfriend’s first time eating here, I decided to use my fork instead of eating with my face.


Buffalo "chick'n" sammich. Side of sweet taters!

Buffalo “chick’n” sammich. Side of sweet taters! All American burger with a side of mac n cheese! (vegan of course) All American burger with a side of mac n cheese! (vegan of course)

Not a single crumb was spared. I’ll hunt for schools my entire life if this is the prize.

Moving on to running news, half marathon training is going according to plan. I missed a 9miler this past Sunday due to a crazy wild sick day. It was awful. To say this didn’t affect me mentally would be a lie. I know missing one run isn’t going to jeopardize my stamina, but the mind is a powerful tool and I had to tell it to calm the heck down. Fortunately I have been given some new gear, which inspired a night time 5miler with my love.

20130117-131623 New jacket from mom (from Costco!!) and new pants from pv.body . These pants were part of outfit number two from pv.body. The first outfit I was given was MUCH too small, and without a blink the customer service sent me a brand new outfit. I didn’t even have to send my other outfit back, which means I am going to be giving it away!

Since I am a huge nosy creep, I Googled the brand of my top and it retails for $48. The pants I am wearing are from American Apparel which I already know is a legit company, and they retail for over $50. This should squash lingering skeptical thoughts anyone may have about this awesome company.

Back to my jacket. Shout out to my mama for buying this for me. It was comfortable and worked great for my 5mile run. Running outside in the winter is cold, especially at night. This jacket kept me warm to the point where I was too warm with my long sleeve shirt underneath. Best part is that I don’t have to wear gloves because…

20130117-131637 …it has thumb holes that fold over your hands! Bahaha power punch fists! If you want to be a cool punching ninja like me hit up Costco, they have it in black too. This guy knows what’s up.

Power Punchin Puss

Power Punchin Puss

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