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Seated Yoga Sequence

Posted Sep 26 2012 12:00am

We've been practicing the yogic life cycle the past few weeks. This week we focus on the "end," which inevitably brings us back to the beginning. 

This 60 minute yoga sequence is designed to be a seated practice with a few standing postures thrown in for fun. Feel free to skip the standing postures if you're searching for a strictly seated sequence. Sorry for the alliteration, I couldn't help myself. 

Seated Yoga Sequence *Pictures Coming!
Begin your practice by lying on your back with both knees bent and feet comfortably resting on your mat. Close your eyes and move your shoulders away from your ears. Let your hips relax. Feel your breath from the beginning to the middle to the end. Notice the pause between your inhale and exhale. 

Today we'll focus on the end of your breath. In order to release from an asana with integrity always find the end of your inhale (to release up) or exhale (to release down). Complete the inhale or exhale and then release on the beginning of a new breath. Breath, breath, breath this week. Or prana, prana, prana.

1. Inhale to a Seated Pose (East seat, Thunderbolt, or Easy Cross Legged)
2. Inhale and lift arms up over head, interlace fingers
3. Exhale bringing arms out to right side, feel stretch between left ribs in your Intercostal muscles. Hold for 5 breaths. 
4. Inhale and bring arms back up over head
Repeat on left side
5. Exhale and bring arms back down to sides
6. Bring feet out in front wider than hip distance, with slightly bent knees, allow knees to shift to the right and down to the ground as you let your left hip lift off the mat. Right arm will come behind torso effectively twisting shoulders and torso away from hips and legs. Move your left fingers to face away from your legs as well. Sit tall. If you'd like to experience a different pose, exhale and move down to your forearms. Hold for 10 breaths. 
Inhale and come back to a seated twist, Exhale and release back to center. Repeat on opposite side. (If you have questions on this one, comment below... it's a GREAT twist!!)
7. Great Seal Pose, bring right foot into left thigh (or calf) and hold right foot with hands. If you're unable to reach your foot, that's what your knee is for... bend it! Inhale up after 10 breaths. 
8. Seated One Leg Forward Fold Right Side, Exhale and fold forward over right leg. Inhale up after 10 breaths. 
9. Staff Pose, Exhale down after 15 breaths. 
10. Seated Forward Fold, both legs straight. Inhale up after 5 breaths. 
Repeat steps 6-10 on opposite side. 
11. Cobra Pose (Inhale and press up. Exhale and release down after 5-10 breaths.)
12. Locust (Inhale, lift arms and legs, gaze stays towards mat. Exhale arms move to "airplane arms" position. Exhale again and arms move to sides, palms flip up towards sky. Exhale and release arms and legs to mat. Hold for 15 breaths total.)
13. Child's Pose (Rest for as many breaths as needed.)
14. Tabletop (All Fours)
15. Cat/Cow (Repeat for 5 full breaths.)
16. Downward Facing Dog (Inhale up to Down Dog, hold for 20 breaths. Yes, 20.)
17. Warrior I (optional)
18. Warrior II (optional)
19. Revolved Triangle (optional)
20. Standing Wide Leg Forward Fold (Exhale and fold. Inhale and stand up after 5-10 breaths.)
21. Mountain Pose
22. Tree Pose (optional)
23. Chair Pose (optional)
24. Gas Release Pose (Lying down, on back, pull knees into chest and hold for 5-10 breaths.)
25. Seated Wide Angle (Hold for 15 breaths.)
26. Elephant Ear Pose (Repeat other side.)
27. Savasana (No less than 10 minutes.)

Life's Little Lesson this week: Be kind to strangers.

Take a Yoga Nap in Savasana... you've earned it! Set alarm for 10 minutes and snooze... that's it, that's all. Namaste Yogis!

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