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Scary Movie Night

Posted Oct 14 2013 2:43pm

Good afternoon!

It’s Columbus Day which means the kids have no school today. They don’t have school tomorrow either so I scheduled their doctor appointments for the next two days.


This morning Jaden went to the doctor for a hearing test. He gets a lot of ear infections but his doctor isn’t super concerned because he is a bit older. He said it’s normally a concern when children under two get a lot of ear infections because it can affect their hearing and speech.

So, the doctor said Jaden should get a hearing test just be sure that all the ear infections weren’t causing problems with his hearing.

The hearing test came back normal, but the ear doctor said that ear infections won’t cause long term hearing loss and we should consider getting tubes for Jaden.

The Weekend

On Saturday night, my family came over for our first “Make Your Own Scary Movie Night.”

We set up chairs in the living room and watched the movies on our computer. Everyone did such a great job on their movies and it was so much fun watching them.


Here is a screen shot from our movie:


And a screen shot from my dad’s movie:


I made a meatball sub casserole for dinner and Marlene bought bee cookies that she had made for a baby shower. Aren’t they adorable?!



We watched my nephew overnight on Saturday so he was there too.


I love his blue eyes!


I also finally got to try out the new Larabars flavors this weekend – Snickerdoodle and Pumpkin Pie.


I really liked both of them and the snickerdoodle has a great cinnamon flavor.


I taught some tracks at BodyPump yesterday morning. The instructor said I did my best job teaching yet even though I messed up a couple of times.

I am all set to record myself teaching a class this weekend, so I am going to try and practice a lot this week. I still have to get comfortable teaching in front of a group without notes. And if this video doesn’t go too well, I’ll still have time to record it again.

Today, I practiced my BodyPump tracks in the living room before Jaden went to the doctor.

Have a great afternoon!

  • What did you do this weekend?


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