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Scare Barefoot!

Posted Jul 23 2010 1:23am

So recently i have joined the trend of running barefoot,great fun.

I am as well in training to do a half marathon barefoot, 13miles, i am currently able to run 4-5 miles.

I am posting this in healthy living, and forgive me if this is wrong section still, because recently bruise like sores have been appearing on my foot. 

 2 on my right, slightly brown red and not very threatning looking

however the one on my left is a thin very dark purple line which makes it look almost black.

There is no pain, but my mother however thinks it may be an infection. 

The area is hard (but so is the rest of my foot from training) has no pain except extreamly minor when i flex my toes.

i was hoping if anyone could help confirm my belief it is just a bruise and not an infection.

If not could someone tell me another possiblity of what it may be? i tried to google and bing it but there are none that match what mine look and feel like.


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